New Lego Marvel Avengers E3 Trailer Released

Warner Bros have today released a new trailer for Lego Marvel Avengers.

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trouble_bubble923d ago

This isn't just based on the first movie, is it? If it is, I don't see the point. Lego Jurassic Park comes out this week and you get to play through all four movies.

kurruptor923d ago

I hope not. They showed Ultron at the very end, so that makes me think part 2 would be included.

Elit3Nick923d ago

Isn't it a bit late to make a Lego adaptation of the first Avergers?

WizzroSupreme923d ago

A bit ironic that Warner Bros. out of all companies is making a game for a Disney IP, but it looks pretty good. Wonder how long it'll be though for only two movies – don't exactly want another Hobbit in that regard. Wonder how much Agents of SHIELD they'll squeeze into the game.

Summons75923d ago

Why....Why even have E3 if we are just releasing all the video before hand...bunch of crud.