Hellblade debut gameplay trailer coming tomorrow

Today, on their official Twitter account, Ninja Theory states that debut gameplay trailer for their upcoming title Hellblade is coming tomorrow.

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lelo2play896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

"PlayStation 4 exclusive Hellblade"

Is Hellblade exclusive or timed exclusive?
As for the game, I'm curious to see gameplay. I like Ninja Theory's games.

I think everybody (even Microsoft) mentions Rise of the Tomb Raider as a X1/X360 exclusive for holiday 2015. They didn't say anything about 2016 or later... the problem was that fanboys didn't understand the wording. LOL

Zizi896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

Timed exclusive, to be precise. It is coming to PS4 first, then PC.

However, I don't why @majornelson from Xbox claims Rise of the Tomb Raider to be an exclusive title -- even it is a timed exclusive.

Tony-Red-Grave896d ago

This is one of my favorite underrated games. Seriously, I love the concepts the game is going to be built on and the fact it only needs to sell at least 200k to make a profit. Aside from that theres the fact that the music is also really good.

I highly recommend people check out the dev dairies and Q&As they did. Hopefully, Hellblade does well.

starchild896d ago

Totally with you there. I've been following the dev diaries and general development of this game since it was announced. They even got me into Passarella Death Squad.

I can't wait to see the first gameplay trailer.

Timesplitter14896d ago

it's like they didn't even try to pretend they weren't copying Imperator Furiosa

starchild896d ago

Haha that screenshot does look very much like her.

Zizi896d ago

I disagree. Hellblade was announced a year ago before Imperator Furiosa even existed.

Timesplitter14896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

her design was different a year ago

She had long dreads and a blue tattoo on her forehead

asadachi896d ago

She didn't look like this a year ago either.

OhMyGandhi896d ago

to be fair, this game has been in production for quite a long time. I couldn't say with 100 percent certainty that they DIDN'T know about Furiosa, but regardless, this game is striking in all the right ways.

I love the indie feel of it. A huge company (Ninja Theory) scaled back their workforce until it consisted of a skeleton crew.

In order to do the motion capture and save money, they moved out all the furniture in their meeting room and set it up there. And for Senuna, (the main character) they based her likeness on one of the game's own programmers.

I adored Enslaved, and am fond of Heavenly Sword for just how beautiful the game looked, and Andy Serkis's performance. The hack n slash gameplay got a bit old near the end, but the buttery smooth frame rate, and seamless transitions from one player action to the next must be appreciated.

I cannot wait to see what comes of HellBlade.

Zizi896d ago

I even adore their latest installment, DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition. The combat is ninja-class.

And with that improved graphics, the definitive edition is simply a must buy for everybody who enjoys action games, especially the hack-and-slash kind. :D

ironfist92896d ago

Nope. They had concept art of Senua before Furiosa was wven revealed in trailers.

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Sevir896d ago

The game was announced last year at games con I doubt furiosa was any inspiration since Senua's character was fleshed out as early as July last year.

Zizi896d ago


I was wondering if Imperator Furiosa actually copied Senua's appearance. LOL.

Josuey896d ago

Why not show it at E3?

LuckyChamCham896d ago

Ikr, the more content for E3 the better.

OUROSMAG896d ago

Because the game was only invited to be part of the press week before E3. The game isn't currently in a working state.

They explain why in their dev diaries.

Tony-Red-Grave896d ago

I do expect too see it by PSX though, if not earlier like at gamescom.

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