Ice Age Avalanche Cheats: 4 Stunning Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Gameloft is mostly known for its more sophisticated action and RPG titles, but for this particular game, the company went a decidedly simpler route, releasing a new Match 3 puzzler called Ice Age Avalanche. Yes, this is another one of those special-themed Match 3 titles, and this game is available regardless whether you own an iOS or an Android device. In fact, it’s the third in a series following Ice Age Village and Ice Age Adventures, and all you have to do is swipe fruit to match three or more identical tiles. There are different in-game modes and in-game worlds, and as is often the case in other similar titles, you can come up with different boosters that could help you complete stages quicker. Aside from that, we’ve got our own ways of helping you to that end – a series of Ice Age Avalanche cheats, tips and tricks to help you complete more three-star levels.

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