The Fallout 4 price war goes nuclear, hits lowest point yet

Dealspwn reports: "Fallout 4 was only announced this week, but UK retailers are already locked into a fierce pre-order price war while making all manner of claims about the release date.

War. War never changes.

The price does, though."

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TheImprobableMulk1260d ago

Some interesting (and pretty decent) early moves in those prices. Although I'm definitely going to be getting Fallout 4, I'm holding off any pre-order until after E3 once we've (hopefully) seen the game in action.

MrSwankSinatra1260d ago

I'm holding off until they announce some sort of CE. I don't many CE's these days, but Fallout is one of the few series I would buy a CE for.

PANDAB1260d ago

I can understand your view totally. The ONLY game that I have been completely satisfied with pre-ordering was the Witcher 3

showtimefolks1260d ago

I will pay full price. As long as the game launches with no major game breaking bugs or glitches

I really hope fallout 4 launches without any major issues.

And I will not trust any major gaming site reviews. I will look on YouTube reviewers like Angeycentericgamer and reviewzonehd or even angry Joe

Because most big sites will get advertisement funds from bethesda so not sure how they can be truly honest or trusted

Look at witcher 3, no one even mentions any glitches. I believe also that reviewers also buy into hype so when a reviewer is hyped he or she maybe biase

akurtz1260d ago

Or maybe they just enjoyed the gAme so much and they dont care or blow up things out of proportiong regardiing bugs and glitches for clicks hits and views. Fallout always had bugs but I enjoyed the crap out of them. Yall worry and cry too much

showtimefolks1260d ago

Or maybe money like I originally said

Jeff was fired from gamespot because he didn't give Kane and lynch a great score

Fact my friend. None of the big sites can afford to make big publishers paying their bills angry

WizzroSupreme1260d ago

Well, no matter what, the consumer wins!