Nintendo reveals why Splatoon will roll out new DLC over coming months

DLC can sometimes be a controversial topic for gaming, but Splatoon is using DLC as a means of gradually growing the experience as players are ready for it.

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sal771164d ago

I've been playing this game so much, I took some spray paint sprayed my neighbor driveway and claimed it as my turf.

DialgaMarine1164d ago

Because releases a game that relies heavily on DLC, it's perfectly okay. When someone else does it, it's a sin.

higgins781164d ago

Erm, hardly. Each DLC is based on its own merit. It just so happens Nintendo has been sparing and generous with its DLC output thus far. Long may it continue.

MSBAUSTX1163d ago

100 percent agree. Has you seen how much DLC there is for Hyrule Warriors? And it isnt just garbage themes or wardrobe changes. Alot of it is good solid stuff as well as MK8. Also a lot of Nintendo DLC is free. Plus they are tieing games together. Captain Toad ties in with Mario 3D World very well and adds new playable stages as Captain Toad and the Inkling Amiibos unlock challenge modes in Splatoon which is a form of DLC in a way. Definitely a welcome way of delivering DLC. I like it.

Concertoine1163d ago

How many other games rely on free dlc...?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1163d ago

why you complaining. It free. No download.

3-4-51163d ago

it doesn't RELY on DLC, as it's included with the game.

That is like complaining that a video game is reliant upon a controller.

Twill_1163d ago

Yeah, I shouldn't need a controller to play Bloodborne. What a terrible game.

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WizzroSupreme1164d ago

Because the game really needs some more content and Nintendo needs the money.

superchiller1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Exactly. There is hardly any content in the game to begin with, and they act like releasing "free" DLC is some big noble cause. In reality, the game was a meager offering with very little to offer, released too early, and they're desperately trying to add more content to make it at least half baked.

In a few months, everyone will have forgotten about it, and it will go in the bargain bin just like W101 did. Another forgotten new IP from a company that just can't seem to hit the mark anymore, and hasn't been able to for many years.

Concertoine1163d ago

I think they needed a game for the summer, so they polished a decent bit and released it, and are now releasing the rest of the game for free.

I think another big part of it is that they designed the game for longevity (for better or worse). The maps are in rotations, the items change daily, content released weekly, etc.

marloc_x1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

$$Three hundred fifty million dollars$$

The 10th Rider1163d ago

I think Concertoine hit it spot on. It's their game for the summer. They decided to release the game at the beginning, even though it was light on content, and bring the content out over the summer. I don't think that's particularly a huge issue, as that allows people to play over the summer and keeps people playing during the summer.

N4g_null1163d ago

Yeah It sucks to get free DLC has been said by no one.
Read the story. Content is ready but they are waiting for people to get better. I'm approaching level 20 guys and still beating them. Which means you might have more time but you are not better.

Unfortunatly not many games are in the bargin bin for the wiiu, so you might have to still pay full price and then get slaughtered because every one is so much better.

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