FFXV Episode Duscae Version 2.0 And Type-0 HD Patch 1.01 Live; Type-0 Patch Notes Detailed

Gearnuke: "Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Version 2.0 is now live on the PS4. In addition to this update, the first ever patch for Type-0 HD is also available for download. This latest patch reduces motion blur and fixes the camera."

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Zombiesfeelpain1167d ago

Downloading both now as I type, cannot wait to try out the improvements in Duscae 2.0 :D

Lionalliance1167d ago

the FFXV update is downloading very slowly, anyone got that problem?

WizzroSupreme1167d ago

I'm gonna have to try this agin.

Jubez1871167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Don't get too excited for the FFXV. It's the same stupid stuff to be honest. The battles are still unorganized chaos. The game still doesn't know what you're ACTUALLY trying to do when you press a button. The camera is a bit better, but there's still no need for 2 lock-ons (why is R1 a toggle? Is this 1995?). You don't know the health of the enemies so you can't actually tactically pick targets. You can't switch from attacking to blocking like in a well-made action game or action RPG. You still have 0 attachment to your party members, they might as well be enemies honestly.

Still a no-buy for me, unfortunately.

vikingland11167d ago

It's unfinished, a demo actually so I will cut them some slack. But if they tweak it where you say it's messed up that would be good too.

Eiyuuou1167d ago

I've never seen an organised battle (in an action game/ARPG) that contain 10 or more enemies. Chaos is pretty much a given at that point.

I find that the game does know what I'm trying to do when I press a button. I attack --> I see enemy attacking --> immediatly press L1+O (akward butting mapping though)--> perfectly dodged.

The Camera has been improved by a great deal. It is now faster and way more responsive. I have noticed that it can be a little glitchy and shaky, especially during the Chain Links (or whatever it's called). Also, it zooms out quite a bit in battle to give a better view. A nice addition.

The lock-on actually has tracking this time. You have the soft lock-on where you can still switch targets when you use the right analog stick, and the hard lock-on (R3) which doesn't allow that.

You actually do know the health of your opponent since they have a nice little health bar above their heads when they have taken damage and are nearby. If you want to see each enemies health individually in numbers, press the touchpad.

I take it you mean dodging instead of blocking? Since blocking isn't really an option here (parry is though). You can interrupt pretty much all of your attacks mid animation with the dodge roll. The automatic dodge is another story though. It'd be way too OP if you coulduse that during your attack animations.

0 attachment? That's like your opinion man. I've got some attachment already to this band of merry men, despite the fact that there's pretty much 0 story in the demo.

This is just my personal view on the demo and stuff. Everyone, feel free to share your own views on it.

Jubez1871167d ago

Well yes, chaos is a given with 10 or more enemies. But why does there have to be so many? It's just clutter and unnecessary. The health bars showing up when you hit them doesn't help knowing who to attack, and yea the tactical menu doesn't serve for much tactics. Have they ever even played a Dragon Age game? You can't even pan the camera around, mark targets, give orders, nothing.

For attachment, I yea I like them OUTSIDE of combat. But during combat, they feel like extensions of Noctics, not like they're own characters. The game drills it into your head story wise that Noctis is leagues stronger than everyone else (which is a meh plot point to begin with) but they didn't have to do it in battle.

At least in KH games, yea Sora is a God, but Donald and Goofy still had some identity (ie Donald is a Mage).

averagejoe261167d ago

What? They already said you'll be able to switch from attacking to blocking.

I can see the enemy health just fine. Maybe it's your ps4.

Have you even been keeping up with the game? They've already addressed most of your concerns and said they will be fixed.

This is an early build of the game and you're ripping it apart.

Typical ignorance.

ShockUltraslash1167d ago

Here is a Youtube video. They made changes to the combat.

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