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Typical. You play 16 hours of Metal Gear Solid 5, choke hundreds of Russian guards, disable an armoured tank with C4, flee from a chopper gunship as your horse’s hooves crumble an Afghan cliff edge and tackle a lightning-fast super-soldier unit of ‘Skulls’ with experimental governmental weaponry… but it’s Billy Idol who kills you. Ok, we weren’t *directly* taken out by the bleach-haired 1980s rock artist, but by our desire to steal his song ‘Rebel Yell’ for our tape collection – and it’s this insane desire to risk everything in the quest for rare items, resources, equipment and, er, a Long Eared Hedgehog, that typifies everything that’s mad, spectacular and uniquely *Kojima* about MGS5.

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dreamed1167d ago

Mgs 5 is gonna piss all over tw3 n gta...hands down no contest!!!!!!

SoulMikeY1167d ago

As one of the biggest Metal Gear fans ever, no. It will stand among them. But if you don't own all three games then you're not a gamer anyway. Real gamers don't skip over real games.

Real gamers skip over the 2d indie craze.

Immorals1167d ago

Never been a fan of metal gear, am I not a real gamer now?

N7KIRK1167d ago

Heh, I've played games all my life and I cringe at the word "Gamer". Just think it's a bit sad when people define themselves as a Gamer, like their self-worth is intertwined with little more than playing video games.

moomoo3191167d ago

Only problem is MGS doesnt have an easy-to-follow story that pushes the gameplay along Like gta and the witcher. The complicated MGS storyline is a barrier to a lot of people, and im not sure if kojima made this story somewhat stand alone like CD Projekt did with TW3

WizzroSupreme1167d ago

This'd make me actually wanna see Big Boss take on Trevor. I'm sure nodders out there could come up with some solution...