CD Projekt RED's Marcin Iwiński (The Witcher 3) Shows that Appreciating the Customer Matters

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer pens an open letter to gamers commenting on the game`s massive sales and the love he feels from each and every consumer behind that purchase. A lesson that many other devs could learn from in Dev 101... APPRECIATE THE CUSTOMER.

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Paulhammer921d ago

It's clear CDPR love love making games and appreciate gamers like few others. Makes me feel good to support them!

joab777921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Me too! Open world games are tough to make, especially the 1st one. They did such an amzinging job, and they've done everything to keep supporting it. They could have released on both hens for more money, and charged for dlc items, but they didnt. And I don't blame them for showing us an early tech demo of the game 3 years ago. The game is beautiful even in consoles, and it will get much love on PC from modders.

I only ask for 1 thing. That paid dlc is end game material, high level w experience and VERY tough monsters.

generalwinter921d ago

These guys are classy, they really seem to care about their fans.

LamerTamer921d ago

I wish they would have cared enough to release a working game on disc that doesn't require DRM filled constant patching to fix.

bOObies921d ago

These guys just seem like gamers making games for gamers. It's so damn refreshing. They now have a buyer for WHATEVER they make next in me.

showtimefolks921d ago

Fans matter and if you treat your fans right you will be rewarded. But majority of publishers just don't think we matter

Cd project red

Imo some of the very best studio in taking care of fans and listening to fans.

nub_cakes101921d ago

I agree with you but Rocksteady has really dropped the ball lately with their $40 season pass and day one dlc.

showtimefolks921d ago

I am not sure if it's rocksteady or warner Bros

MercilessDMercer921d ago

This is pretty awesome of them!

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