Xenoblade Chronicles X: The Kotaku Import Preview

Kotaku: Xenoblade Chronicles X is a massive game—and one I am still not even close to finishing. However, with over 70 hours of gameplay under my belt, I think I am finally ready to tell you what this game is all about.

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hobowan1138d ago

A bit of a scathing preview!

I do agree with some of the commenters...if the previewer didn't like the first game, to which he says its very similar, then he probably shouldn't have been the one to preview it.

Reviews and previews should be neutral from the get go.

Nonetheless his view is as valid as any, although I'm likely to disagree when I get my hands on it!

wonderfulmonkeyman1138d ago

The guy puts down the amount of side quests, which are a big factor in large RPG's like this, and also put down the story, when it's entirely likely that he didn't understand enough Japanese to allow the story a fair chance at drawing him in in the first place.

When someone hates so many of the elements that are so common across massive RPG's, it's obvious that they're gonna have a negative bias.
Especially if the language barrier means they can't understand massive chunks of the content, and are therefore likely also not optimally geared for faster completion of combat.

Joegrine201138d ago

He didnt like the first game as well lol