6 Most Ridiculous E3 Rumours (That Turned Out To Be True)

Sometimes, even the craziest rumours do turn out to be true. Here, WOW247 run down some of the suggestions everybody scoffed at, only for them to turn out to be a reality.

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DanJenkoFMV894d ago

Looking back, the Street Fighter X Tekken announcement was a hell of a shock. I can't really think of any other example of two competing franchises coming together like that.

Septic894d ago

YeaH I remember that. My two favourite beat em ups combined! Still waiting for Tekken x SF though -_-'

DragonbornZ894d ago

I'm waiting for that too. I really don't play Street Fighter or Tekken much nowadays, but I loved that cross.

darthv72894d ago

capcom vs SNK was a shocker back in the day but I don't think that was an E3 rumor. It was a fan made thing that turned out to come true.

MrSwankSinatra894d ago

Not to mention DoA 2, SF Alpha 3, SF III, MvC 2, 3rd Strike and Capcom vs SNK all dropped that same year. That year was HUGE for fighting games.

Nosred894d ago

The Last Guardian ever year....

DragonDDark894d ago

If this turns out to be true then fuck everything else.

saukelover12894d ago

Capcom vs snk 3 would be cute

SonyOnly4894d ago

The fact EA have a conference every year is the most ridiculous thing about E3....Nobody needs to see more Milk especially stale milk at that.

jrshankill894d ago

"1. The Xbox One requires always-on internet and doesn’t play used games"

But this didn't turn out to be true. Next.

voodoochild346893d ago

It was until Microsoft saw the consumer backlash...