More Interplay fallout: Van Buren still refuses to die

Brian Fargo, one of the original developers of the Fallout series, confirms that Van Buren, the game that Fallout 3 almost was, might not be dead after all.

Van Buren was the internal codename for Fallout 3 at Interplay before they fell apart and Bethesda bought up the Fallout rights. Fargo said that a new Van Buren game could be developed with Chris Avellone, another old Interplay name, current Obsidian employee and CRPG poster manchild.

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barb_wire1199d ago

It should be noted that Chris Avellone, left Obsidian, there was a thread about it over on NeoGAF.

As for 'Van Buren'.. I guess only time will tell.

VerdicLinwe1199d ago

More indie devs releasing gaming trends that died out 20 years ago. Yawn.

Tetsujin1199d ago

Ooooh some hopeful competition for games like Fallout, this should be interesting.

Talgrath1199d ago

Eh, this seems highly unlikely. Even if they have the code from 20 some odd years ago they pretty much have to rebuild from scratch since it can't be too much like Fallout or they will be sued.

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