Witcher III and many others are being spoiled by a tiny problem

Dealspwn: We're a lucky generation. It's never been cheaper to buy behemoth-sized TV screens and the visuals for games and movies have never been clearer thanks to the rapid dominance of HD screens and the success of the blu-ray medium for the movie industry and as a physical media for console games. But there's a tiny issue spoiling games today. One so small, you'll probably have to squint to see it.

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Blues Cowboy1259d ago

I'm so glad that gamers are starting to complain about this. Having to strain against tiny text is seriously annoying and should be so easy to correct! Just a little playtesting is all it takes.

bggriffiths1259d ago

Before the recent 'next-gen' arrived, I had some foolish hopes that every console game would let us tweak the size of the text, HUD etc as standard.

This was clearly too much for this generation to handle. Oh, well, here's hoping for the next next-gen.

TheImprobableMulk1259d ago

That or we're about to get Witcher-III branded magnifiying glasses that are fixed to your TV. It's all about those peripherals!

But yeah, hopefully this isn't something that will continue with games like this in the future, especially with such a huge push to move gamers away from the desk and back to the TV with things like in-home streaming.

bggriffiths1258d ago

Yeah, I think a lot of games are not going to go well on the big screen with Steam's new tech. Fingers crossed they can sort it though.