1TB should be standard for PS4/Xbox One

GGG makes the argument why all PS4/XB1 models should come with 1TB hard drives.

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uth11953d ago

it's not that big a deal for the PS4 because you can upgrade later. But for the XB1, people should get the biggest internal drive they can to start.

Ghost_of_Tsushima953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I can't agree with that statement at all. It's easier for Xbox One owners. All you do is plug in an external hard drive. With PS4 you have to remove the internal hard drive install a bigger one then re-download all your previous content.

uth11953d ago

I'd rather have a larger internal disk than have an external disk hanging off a console. It takes up ports, possibly a spot in the power strip that I don't have (if not usb powered). It's less convenient. That's my personal preference

Ghost_of_Tsushima953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Well as far as taking up a use port Xbox One has 3 and PS4 has two so that wouldn't be a problem adding a external drive at all. We just have different opinions i guess and that's fine. Haha

darthv72953d ago

@uth11...this has to be the coolest, most aesthetically pleasing design for a hdd expansion i have seen. It certainly is better looking than that 3.5" hdd add-on for the PS4. plus it gives more USB ports.

it's far easier to add-on than it is to replace. just think about that for a moment. 360 has hdd expansion, wii-u has hdd expansion and xb1 has hdd expansion.

PS3 and PS4 only offer hdd replacement. you have to backup your data then restore it or download everything again. the only advantage is you can buy your own hdd and install it. but that advantage comes with disadvantages as well.

uth11953d ago

@darth - that is a great design! I couldn't see it at first :)

never4get953d ago

Add RAM drive slot, Loading would be so much shorter.

rainslacker952d ago

That is a nice enclosure. Really fits well with the system. Much better than the Nyko one for PS4, which is sufficient, but kind of ruins the lines of the system itself.

Anyhow, USB cables can be long enough that you can stick an external in the back of an entertainment case. Not ideal for everyone, but removes the need for it being out in the open or looking unseemly.

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Software_Lover953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

It doesn't take up ports in the power strip. Stop coming up with excuses. If the playstation offered external drive support you would use it. Point blank period. I know I will. I can't wait until they do offer it. You don't even see the drive at all. I haven't seen mine in months as it just sits behind the console.

As far as the USB ports go, how many are you actually using on the console? Better not put a flash drive it takes up a port. Don't plug in your controller to charge it takes up a port. That's what ports are for to be used.

EDIT: Yes it is your personal "preference" but it doesn't make sense to say people should buy the biggest they can when it doesn't affect you. You can buy the biggest you want, you're still spending money (your money).

My opinion is that the consoles should have launched with nothing less than a 1tb inside, but they didn't.

uth11953d ago

It depends on your hard drive. Many 3 1/2" external drives need more power than USB can provide. Of the 3 external drives I have, two need separate power.


Wrong lol it's necessary for PS4 owners who don't want to open up their console and install a harddrive that is more expensive than an easier-to-do cheaper plug and play external drive for X1.

Sony should really offer support for external storage as that is one thing I really like about my X1 over the PS4.

Orbilator953d ago

Your wrong, 2tb internal 62.00 2tb external 62.00.
Time to install 2.5" internal , err 5 mins tops.
Connect to internet and it sorts itself out.
Most clever people install the bigger drive at the start. Can I also just mention that external hard drive support was added to xb1 later. Internal over external all day long

98xpresent953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Yes. Considering how big games are nowadays

lemoncake953d ago

Personally I would prefer a faster internal to cut down loading times, external is great for storing your games and randomly playing something on spur of the moment.

jmc8888953d ago

1 TB? More like 2 TB's.

Even then 2 TB's is unlikely to last too long with 30-50..and eventually 100GB games coming.

If someone really wants to have enough to last through the end of the decade, they need to look at 4-6-8 TB drives.

That's why 2 TB's should be the standard. They are also not too terribly expensive. I've been getting them for my PC for about $69-99 for about 4 years now. Even the 2TB I have in my PS4 now only cost $99 last year.

With the costs decreasing for the hardware, they really should throw those savings into a 2TB drive. Bite the bullet and ride the 2TB drive cost decreases as the 4,6, and 8 TB models start dropping into the $75-125 range, you can get a 4TB right now for $129 at newegg.

Also why Sony went with notebook hard drives is a bit sketchy. Desktop hard drives aren't that much bigger, what about 3/4 of an inch or so bigger. Bigger, faster, and cheaper hard drives for desktop ones. Their next model should allow that without the modding that's needed currently.

uth11953d ago

3.5" drives are considerably larger in physical size than 2.5" They are taller and longer

3.5" hard drives need a bit more power, they put out more heat, and they are generally less shock resistant than notebook drives. It makes complete sense from an engineering standpoint. But the downside is it's hard to find drives larger than 2Gb in 2.5" at the moment

ScorpiusX953d ago

Guess this a one sided article now , cause one console has made it official. That it's selling a console w/ 1TB Internal storage.

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