British Army Picks 360 [Controller] Over PS3

Game Revolution writes: "As you can see from their recruitment video, the UK Army is using the Xbox 360 controller to fly their robot assassin planes. Do want!

In ten years, there will be no reason to have a pilot in a combat plane at all, and not only are we witnessing the beginning of that shift, gaming is a driving force behind it.

It makes perfect sense, after all. Game controllers have been evolving for over 20 years, becoming more ergonomic and sophisticated every generation. The 360 controller is also USB-based and has both Windows and Linux drivers."

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masterofpwnage3794d ago

who give a shiit, there been other army that pick ps3 over 360 and this one space program replace there supercomputer with 4-5 ps3s.

and beside ps3 brings peace by helping cure desease.

360 cant do that

Breakfast3794d ago

The 360 burns down the houses of evil people....

...The PS3 cant do that :P

masterofpwnage3794d ago

yeah thats why ps3 will win this console war sinse good always beat the bad.

ps3 is the peace maker with helping cure desease while the 360 is like the chaos maker.

socomnick3794d ago

:/ will you give it up already. The ps3 is a black box with almost no games out. A horrible interface , and horrible online.

truth for gamers3794d ago

"and beside ps3 brings peace by helping cure desease."

FYI sony is an illuminati/freemason owned corporation, just like AOL.
welcome to the new world order

masterofpwnage3794d ago

tell that to the media 360 fan and micro who keep wanting to steal all of are games.

and how long have 360 been out 3 years now
good game
it only has
dead rising
halo 3 ( even 360 fans were dissappointed)
and dats it

ps3 2 years
Ratchet and clank
resistance ( even my die hard 360 fan friends like it more then halo )
metal gears

am i missing

online its so close to being better then live


plus we got better features

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uxo223793d ago

"...and micro who keep wanting to steal all of are games."

First party games are your games, and I don't think MS can steal those. Third party games below to the repective developers and publishers. Stop trying to own everything.

If MS can steal it, the it wasn't yours; now was it.

C_SoL3793d ago

How about them Angels?

Omegasyde3793d ago

A horrible interface and no games out?

O I get it your being sarcastic because everyone knows the Xmb can't any get better and that Sony has the most Exclusive games. I forgot you had Socom in your name for a second.

(you should know better sir)

socomnick3793d ago

@omegasyde --

While the xmb is ok its not as good as the xbox 360s dashboard.
I only said the above comment to get some type of reaction from the blind fanboy masterofpwnage , sucks he must only be able to afford one console. Love the charles brownson avatar.

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morganfell3794d ago

Actually the article needs to be edited. They picked the controller not the console. When it comes to training and premission planning they actually picked the PC over the PS3 and 360. Why? Because they chose VBS2 over everything - and it is PC based. I own my own copy and it does everything.

Wildarmsjecht3794d ago

Is that an update to Visual Basic? the link wont work on my pc for w/e reason. If it is, that's pretty cool. I used to like messing around with VBasic

morganfell3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

No, it is hardly that. Try this:


It is the most comprehensive warfighter simulation ever. In use by the ADF, The Marines, USAJFKSWCS (United States Army Special John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School) US Army National Simulation Center, Canadian Defense Forces, the British Ministry of Defence, and quite a few other government and military forces around the world.

Maps can reach 200K X 200K. Most maps are less than that, just under 100 K Square. But that means you can get on a helo and fly 30 minutes to a target and hit it. You get realistic airstrikes and weapons performance. It is as close as you can get in the sim world.

I have over a 1000 vehicles in my version. There are literally over a thousand weapons as well. And an editor like you wouldn't believe. It is all drop down menus and such.

These vids were made by a guy I know that works for Lasershot, a laser weapon simulator that works in conjunction with VBS2:

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Roukuko3794d ago

british army nuff said

Linzoid3793d ago

I agree with you however...

British Army, British Navy, British Air Force, and Royal Marines are the best!