Gaming Will Never Have Its ‘Citizen Kane’ Moment, and Needs to Nurture New Narratives

By aping cinema, video gaming's storytellers have been selling themselves short for years. It's time to embrace the medium's unique possibilities.

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DeletedAcc1204d ago

i thought tlou was the citizen kane in games

AudioEppa1204d ago

Whoever did this article needs to be locked in a room, tied to a chair, having a friendly talk with Joel...

Happy tuesday everyone :)

wheresmymonkey1204d ago

It already has several Times over. Anyone who says otherwise never played Bioshock, or Chrono Trigger, or Ocarina of Time, or Half Life, or MetalGear Solid. or well the list is long. There's dozens of games that have proven time and again that the medium has evolved to a grown up state.

By comparing it to citizen kaine just cheapens the whole deal. Games aren't films and shouldn't be held to the same standards because they're not the same. it doesn't need a citizen kane moment.