PlanetXbox360's "Best of E3" Awards Feature

The 2008 E3 Media and Business Summit is finally in the books, whether or not most people walked away completely satisfied is likely to be debated for months to come. It was back in Los Angeles at the massive Convention Center but only took up about a third of the total floor space. Microsoft had a fairly positive showing with an exciting press conference and a good number of exclusive titles on showing. The rest of the time at the show was spent with third-party developers checking out the upcoming games scheduled to ship later on in 2008 or sometime in 2009. Below we have our cream of the crop, the best of the best from almost every genre of games (minus a few because it was getting too long); after spending a good bit of time with each title in the list, these are the ones that ended up walking away with awards.

Sony's "Flower" took home the award for "Best Other Console Title", beating out a tons of tough competition.

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butterfinger3769d ago

this definitely spiked my interest in Dead Space and Flower. The rest was pretty predictable, though.

Kleptic3769d ago

pretty good write-up...although flower being the best 'other console' game is laughable...LBP easily takes it...flower will be great...but its just another 'holy shat, I'm fecked up' game...LBP is a much more ambitious title imo...

Gambit073769d ago

Flower is memorizing and original, I'm glad it's getting recognized. Here is an awesome and thoughtful read of the game:

UltimaEnder3769d ago

Agreed, it really was something special......