Fallout 4 versus Fallout 3 Graphics Comparison Screenshots

It’s no secret that a lot of Fallout fans were a bit disappointed with the visuals of Fallout 4. But does Fallout 4 actually deliver a generational leap in visuals over its predecessor? Well, you’ll be the judge of it as you’ll find below some comparison screenshots between Fallout 4 and Fallout 3.

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ZaWarudo1260d ago

A significant upgrade from Fallout 3. Man i can't wait to play this.

Brotard1260d ago

I love how people are judging this game in full bars on one trailer that shows us almost nothing of the game.

raWfodog1260d ago

I just hope Fallout 4 will still make use of VATS, with even more targeting capabilities and options like maybe switching weapons during a VATS sequence.

frostypants1260d ago

@Brotard, are you surprised? It's DSOgaming...much like GamingBolt, they just sling crap looking for hits.

ShinMaster1260d ago

To be honest, Fallout 3 looked pretty crap back then too.

Apollosupreme1259d ago

Well perhaps they shouldn't show the game until they're ready?

There are many, many, many game trailer releases throughout the year and yet most don't insight this sort of reaction. Why is that do you think?

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Bansai1260d ago

8 years of a upgrade tho? Don't think so. Graphics are disappointing imo.

Sabian1871260d ago

Fallout has always been a campyish game...with very campy and exaggerated graphics. To change that would be against the spirit of the game. It would be akin to making a photo-realistic borderlands game, which would be boring.

joab7771260d ago

It's fine. I'd trade a bigger, more detailed world for graphics, bugs, or framerate anyday. Looks fine to me.

PvtHavoc1259d ago

2010 was the last fallout so no not 8 years learn maths

gamernova1260d ago

People are so picky about the graphics. This is why companies are afraid to be honest about the graphics about their product. The game can have the same graphics as fallout 3 or new vegas and still be an excellent game. The graphics did not make fallout great; the game mechanics did.

d_g1260d ago

definitely there is big difference

darkesthour41260d ago

There is a big difference between Fallout 3 and 4. Also, true fans of the Fallout series won't care if the graphics aren't as good as The Witcher 3.

joab7771260d ago

If you are on consoles, it won't be a huge difference. On PC, you will get mods.

Entonations1260d ago

Bethesda games are all insanely good for modding. It's mind blowing. Fantastic mods are still coming to Fallout New Vegas and that game is years old.

starrman19851260d ago

"It’s no secret that a lot of Fallout fans were a bit disappointed with the visuals of Fallout 4"

Urgh, please tell me that's not true! I just want to get back to the wasteland!

Simco8761260d ago

The bandwagon was up in arms, while the true fans just started polishing their plasma rifles.

starrman19851260d ago

Was more of a hunting rifle guy myself ;) more reliable!

yellowgerbil1260d ago

Sniper rifle and repeater...

jmc88881260d ago

Some people wanted a bigger jump, nothing wrong with that.

It also depends on what you played at. FO3/NV on PC looks a lot closer to what they showed of FO4 then the console versions. In other words, if you played 360 FO3, then it looks like twice the jump or more then from a PC FO3 players. Throw in graphical mods and the jump is even lower.

That said, it looks good..not great, but good. PC gamers will use mods again that will make it look better.

PS4/XB1 owners should rejoice because since they didn't try to push the graphics too hard, they are likely to be gaming at 1080/60 or close to that.

So overall there's nothing wrong with wanting better graphics, but you'd think they were still good enough to looking forward to enjoying FO4 for the great game it probably will be.

Clown131260d ago

It looks beautiful. People act so damn spoiled and entitled anymore. Whats the first thing that happened after the trailer came out? Crybaby comments on how awful it looks. It's unbelievable how the community acts nowadays.

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