Roll for Need: We Love Fine

Gamers love quality merch, and Callum has made it his job to find the best storefronts to support your poor spending habits. This is Roll for Need.

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callumjack1046d ago

HIS CREDIT LIMIT IS OVER 9000....annnnnd it's gone

ZeroSkerbo1046d ago

That shovel knight plush is so awesome! Bah with this and steam summer sale I might as well stock up on ramen now

MPScrimshaw1046d ago

I too love blowing huge amounts on money on stuff related to games that aren't games themselves. My unread Hyrule Historia still glares at me every time I walk past my book shelf...

ZeroSkerbo1046d ago

But just knowing it's there is what makes it awesome right hah. I have the same thing going on with my copy of resident evi archives

shocked6861046d ago

Pretty awesome website, didn't know it existed

MPScrimshaw1046d ago

We Love Fine also used to feature some great content from some of my favorite comic creators Kelly Sue Deckonnick and Matt Fraction, although since the site's update I havent seen anything from them.

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