Amazon Taking Pre-Orders for Newly Announced Xbox One 1TB Model With Halo: MCC Bundled

Priced at $399, Amazon are ready to take your money for the upgraded Xbox One along with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. - The Games Cabin

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Rimeskeem1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I regret buying the Xbox one 2 months ago. I'm not saying it's a bad console at all just saying that if I waited longer I would have gotten a much better deal.

Wikkid6661260d ago

How would that been better deal?

You can get 1TB usb drive for the $50 more.

Rimeskeem1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I wouldn't have to pay another 50-100$ for Tb hdd. But I see your point.

Moldiver1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Dont feel too bad. I got mine last Xmas and missed a tonne of deals, post purchase.But I was just happy to own the 1TB AW limited edition. Now I just play my games and kick back while MS roll out the good stuff :)

Still got 300GB left on the internal drive, but I aint stressing. I got a 4TB external drive connected for the years to come!

I just wanna say to anybody who is buying an X1 this are in for a treat, no matter what bundle you get. The dashboard takes a few mins to get used to...oh..and once you 'snap''ll never go back ;)

Now if you'll excuse boys are starting to show up online and we got two more days of this seige of neverwinter to deal with. See ya'll online!

Tedakin1260d ago

Yeah that's always the way it goes sadly. Nothing you can do about it. Just be happy with what you got!

hello121260d ago

I bought mine at launch for 500 Euros move on just enjoy the console don't regret.

holysmokesbatman1260d ago

External is better, trust me dude. You can take ALL your games to a friends house and away you go...

Gotcha51260d ago

Dude don't regret... you just need to find the better deals I got a 3TB WD HDD $29+ tax at Best Buy Deal of the Day for $89 and used my BB Gamer Club Reward Certificates to bring it down to $29+ tax. You just have to look out for the better deal. 1Tb are on the cheap, don't trade up for the new console all your really missing is the Matte finish,the update Controller and who don't have Halo MCC.

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TheOnlyMastrx1260d ago

I bought mine online on Black Friday and got a free game and slight discount, then few months ago bought a 4TB external drive, i'm good for a while, but to anyone buying one, get the bigger hard drive, you will need it eventually.

AutoCad1260d ago

Lost of momentum for MS going into E3..The games should just be even better for them.

soul-assassin-1260d ago

Unbelievable.....was waiting to buy this from amazon in UK, Microsoft have given GAME exclusivity for the console til 20th June for the price of £349? (fuck that) since when did consoles get exclusive outlet? Industry is getting worse

Immorals1260d ago

GAME have had exclusivity for tons of things for ages. And then charge way more than any of their competitors prices, asda is at least a tenner cheaper 99% of the time!

soul-assassin-1260d ago

I understand games & such..but consoles? I always buy from amazon mainly because i don't pay VAT... that's £50 off that price tag straight away. There is no need for exclusivity for this when it releases everywhere in the states on the 16th. I don't mind waiting, just dont understand microsoft's reason to do this in UK

chrish19901260d ago

That's just business mate, it's crap, but at least it's not too long away... just wait it out and don't buckle to GAME's demands!

soul-assassin-1260d ago

your right, was actually thinking of getting The MCC xbox 500gb bundle + a seagate 2TB external for £290 on amazon..hmmm not sure if i should wait til after e3 for a price drop on console

chrish19901260d ago

Probably a better deal doing it that way to be honest... It's what I'd do

raggy-rocket1260d ago

It's great they're responding to fan feedback and cutting the price to boost sales. I missed out on some amazing deals getting it day one, but it's good to see them adressing the main complaints to try and kickstart a comeback to close the gap with sony sales.
I'm biased towards xbox, but as a gamer I'd like it if sony didn't get over 2:1 ahead, as third party support for me as an xbox gamer will dwindle.
Good to see them making an effort though

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