These Two Metal Gear Fans Played 19 Hours of The Phantom Pain

IGN's Jose Otero and Caleb Lawson played a whole lot of the next major installment in the Metal Gear Solid series. Here's what they have to say about it.

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BiggCMan1282d ago

I'm suffering so much waiting for this game.

JoeMcCallister1282d ago

After getting about 15-16 hours in myself, this one is going to be something special. I had a blast with everything but some big memories were using the weather to my advantage right after getting spotted, calling in a supply drop and learning the hard way that it can land on you, and the collection of some high level soldiers for my Mother Base.

BiggCMan1282d ago

You went to the preview event! UGGHH SO LUCKY!!! Where do you work for that got you invited? I wish I could have gone to that. Phantom Pain is approaching my favorite game ever, it's just going to be so perfect.

JoeMcCallister1282d ago

I write for Examiner - just put my preview up over here this morning too;

It quickly went from a definite buy to a possible GOTY - of course there's plenty of time for things to go wrong but I can't ignore that feeling that I just want nothing more than to get back into the game. It's going to be exciting to see for sure.

remixx1161282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Lucky dude, question how much freedom did you have in the missions ie: options of approach I guess.....I watched the first gameplay trailer and it seemed very open.

Also how easy was it....hoping it wasn't to easy and did sh*t ever hit the fan to the point where you couldn't handle it.

Just picking your brain.

JoeMcCallister1282d ago

The answers are pretty much as open as you want to be - most outposts and such are either in the open or backed up to a cliff or something along those lines - in my play there was one base in particular I loved because it was on a hill but could be approached from both sides which a road ran through, from the top of the base, or the bottom - the bottom having tons of searchlights and stuff making the top the best option as you could work down through the base.

I also thought the game was a little easy for a while, but it was funny because the second I thought it was easy, it kicked my ass. The game has that reflex time so if you get spotted by one person, it's usually easy enough to shoot them with a tranq dart in the face (as long as they aren't wearing helmets, since they adapt to how you play in that way) but getting spotted by two can be a death sentence. I would say that the game is really good about making you feel comfortable, then ramping up, not to an unfair amount but to challenge you. Its honestly just fun and when you fail, you know its your fault.

philm871282d ago

Can't wait!!! Will probably have just finished Witcher 3 when this comes out.

Only thing that would make me more excited would be an MGS remastered collection.

mearl741282d ago

So let's just cut to the chase.... Game of the Year Candidates thus far: The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, and MGSV PP. Who wins this year?

BiggCMan1282d ago

There is no definitive game in 2015 that every critic will choose, not like with Last of Us. This year will be an even field between Metal Gear, Witcher, Batman, Bloodborne and Fallout, guaranteed. I might have even missed something, but I see equal praise in each of these games. And fans of each will choose their game as favorite, as usual. And that's perfectly fine. We are in a year with so many great games, and none should be overlooked by any of them.

philm871282d ago

You missed Farming Simulator 15.

MegaSackman1282d ago

Halo will be on that list and maybe, just maybe, Tomb Raider but yeah, I think that Bloodborne, The Witcher, Batman, and Metal Gear are a given.

SolidGear31282d ago

Until Dawn, Halo 5 and The Order 1886 could be as well

mgszelda11282d ago

Let's be honest, metal gear and Witcher will be the standouts. Hands down witcher gets pc awards, bloodborne best ps4 game, batman best action game. Metal gear is a much larger improvement of the series compared to batman and spiritual succcessor to dark souls.
Witcher and metal gear are the biggest contenders hands down

Blurmobjet1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

The Order 1866 was a good game but it received too much hate for GOTY.

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LightofDarkness1282d ago

It'll be whatever floated your boat the most. There is no singular GOTY, it's not a grand prize handed down from the gaming gods. Every publication will have their own. You can say then that it's whatever game got the most accolades on average, but that's no more indicative than sales.

My personal GOTY so far is Bloodborne, anyway. I love Arkham games but it won't likely topple Bloodborne for me. MGS V has that potential, however.

Gatsu1282d ago

Lucky dudes omg O_O...can't wait to play this. My dream game. 83 days left.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1282d ago

Ughh that makes it sound so much further away haha.

Gatsu1282d ago

Sorry XD...but lets hope the days go fast ;) .

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