Graphics superguide: GeForce GTX200, CUDA, Dunia, Far Cry 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky

To hear Nvidia tell it, integrated graphics just aren't going to cut it, and a discrete GPU is still vital. They point to the 87% of top PC games with a recommended spec above the Intel integrated graphics specification to support their claim.

Nvidia's latest cards and chips throw down the gauntlet to Intel and AMD. Go behind the scenes with this guide to the big technologies including PhysX, CUDA, and games like Far Cry 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky.

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badz1493773d ago

Intel should just stick with making CPU and NVidia should just stick with making GPU and let Intel continue putting the integrated graphic! it's a choice for customers because not everybody is building a gaming rig using expensive graphic cards! I know that Intel get more share with it's CPU and the integrated graphic but it's not the end of the world for NVidia! the market for graphic cards is there even it's niche compared to CPU but still respectably worth it. this NVidia vs Intel thing is getting ridiculous!

Yuji Naka3773d ago

ATi > Nvidia.

But if I may say so myself, intel's gpus SUCK.

The new one will suck too, seeing as it's based off original Pentium cores.

Charmers3772d ago

You guys need to open your eyes a bit, the new larrabee project has the potential to blow everything out of the water. Do not mistake this for another integrated graphics chipset from Intel.

I am certainly keeping my eye on the project and if it is any good I will definately be hopping over. I am getting sick and tired of funding the next lot of console GPU's which in turn are then used to exclude the PC from games.