Sony: Morpheus has 'massive' Support, 'much bigger scale' than PS Move

VRFocus reports on Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) stating that Project Morpheus is seeing 'massive' support internally, besting that of PlayStation Move.

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THC CELL1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

this is what i am glad to hear

wonder if Morpheus is getting a controller or same move

breakpad1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

i dont like VR and probably will be a fail ...also Sony must brag for external support not internal ...Move died cause th controller didnt get support from game devs ...i hope Morheus does not take to much time from their E3 presentation ..i didnt bought 400$ PS4 to pay additional 400 $ for morpheus games..i bought it for games that play directly on the console

Crimzon1048d ago

Yeah, the worst part of the Move/Kinect fiasco last gen was how much it took away from the first party exclusives on each console. If Sony takes the stage at E3 to blabber on about Morpheus for most of the show with little to show for those of us who just want to play games with a controller, it's going to be really disappointing. God I hope we don't get a repeat of the Move era :(

bouzebbal1048d ago

PR blabla once again.. Move is a tremendous tech but had no support a year later.
I think consumers are the ones who need to judge if a device has support or not

freshslicepizza1048d ago

i'll believe it when i see it. we will start with indie/smaller titles and see what happens or sony will try and force morpheus into games that will allow the player to choose to play on a regular controller like they did with playstation move with games like socom 4.

sorry but i don't see sony investing in aaa games made only for morpheus. too much of a gamble. and if they don't then don't expect third party to lead the way either.

Septic1048d ago

Move should be a good fit for Morpheus.

uth111048d ago

Morpheus supports Move. The DS4 also supports motion controls, part of the reason for the lightbar is for tracking with Morpheus.

lelo2play1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Oculus Rift from Facebook.
Project Morpheus from Sony.
VR device from Valve.
Google seems to have a VR or AR device.
Samsung seems to have a VR device.
Microsoft's AR HoloLens.
Amazon, Apple ?
... and probably a few more we haven't heard about.

Those are way too many devices. Some are going to be left behind.

ravinash1048d ago

Vive from HTC... I think thats the one Valve are handing out.

OhMyGandhi1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I just wrote a bible on what each of these devices offered and how they differed from eachother. Then my computer went back a page. I cannot believe just how much work was lost.

I'm mad.

Doodleburger1048d ago

Some will be left behind. The others will underperform and fizzle out shortly thereafter.

UltraNova1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

"Those are way too many devices. Some are going to be left behind."

There many VR devices coming out yes. Logically, it should be a lot easier for 3rd parties to support them with software when all major hardware vendors are backing VR/AR, don't you think?

And lets not forget that ports between devices are still possible so any dev can go 'multi-VR-platform' any time making VR more viable for those who invest in it.

VR needs to work as intended first, games or VR experiences have to be shown and finally, marketed well and transparently, then sales will follow.

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ps4fanboy1048d ago

If they have cracked movement and control , and have killer titles lined up... Can't wait to see...
At e3!

joeorc1048d ago


I would agree with that take in a sales perspective way, some will out sell other's, though with VR though the devices are so close aligned in the design, that cross development for one is pretty easy to develop for multiple VR headsets.

HTC, OCR, And Morpheus along with Samsung's and in for all intents and purposes, there really is not that much of a difference in how the software is ported between all of them that if you can make it for one it pretty much could run on any of them.

Google has "Google Cardboard" which turns your existing Android OS 4.1 device or higher into a VR headset. The Software than no matter the brand or model of smart phone gets the same VR software that can run on the device.

VR is now Viable because now with low cost build like Google Cardboard, adoption rate for VR can increase across the board. Hell Google cardboard can even be used with a iPhone!

The bullet point in this is now the price and cost are low enough now for mass market adoption, its less about the device and more about making your software run in a VR environment from the get go. Now that VR is very Viable , when before costs were very high for VR.

Its not now

SeanScythe1048d ago

If Morpheus uses the move controller with some games that would be great. Mine are stored in a bag somewhere and need to be put to good use. Games like outlast, daylight, would have been sick with motion control. Using the wand as a flash light or to open doors in VR would be awesome.

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