EA: Wiimote is imprecise and has an impact on quality of games

The announcement of Wii MotionPlus was somewhat surprising, especially considering that the peripheral was unveiled a day before E3. Although, without a doubt, Wii MotionPlus is sure to add precision to future games. According to EA, the current standalone Wii controller is considerably imprecise, which unfortunately, can impact how well the control is on certain games.

"The Wii MotionPlus is going to be good. If I had to pick one thing we suffered from, it was imprecise control on the Wii. That meant certain genres were never going to perform as well on the Wii. There are a couple of franchises in our booth. Go look at Dead Space and imagine playing that game with a wand and a Nunchuk. If they improve the precision, then you could have a good experience. There is no doubt that Wii Speak will appeal to a certain group of people. I thought what was nice is that they created an opportunity for third parties to be more successful." - Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello

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Monteblanco3794d ago

A good example on how a positive interview can looks negative through a biased choice of words in the title.

JoelR3794d ago

You would think a Pro Nintendo site would have spun the title a bit different that is for sure but
The Wiimote is impercise in it's current form so it is technically accurate... EA is speculating what with Wii MotionPlus can do for them in terms of making accuracy better.

Zerodin3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Last week the Wiimote was a precise and effective aiming device, suddenly it's imprecise? Now EA, you wouldn't be reading some pre-script nonsense that a Nintendo exec handed you, are you? *nudge nudge* You make the addon more appealing then it actually is?

Oh, and EA...a little title called "Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition" would like to have a word with you about the "imprecision" of the Wii remote!

jtucker783793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

IR pointer IS precise.

Motion is NOT precise. The first time you boot up Wii Sports on day one you learn how imprecise motion is, so this is nothing new...

And what word is Resident Evil 4: Wii edition going to have?
The game barely uses any motion. Just the odd shake of the remote here and there to dodge boulders.
I think you're confusing the precision of the IR pointer to aim your gun with that of the motion control. IR works great. Motion doesn't.

To be fair Nintendo's controller is a first generation device so it was never going to work that well. Hopefully the Motion Plus will improve the experience and in future generations motion will get perfected.

LastDance3793d ago

yea, wen i tried my friends wii i was suprised how crap an inprecise the wii mote was....

Zerodin3793d ago

Are you sure you aren't talking about that keyboard?
I kid, I kid...

Millah3793d ago

EA has an impact on the quality of games, not the Wiimote.

M_Prime3793d ago


The amount of crap EA churns out i'm sure the wiimote has the least impact on their games...

though when playing my Cousin's SMACK DOWN VS RAW i saw how inaccurate it can be.. but usually up down left and right is pretty good.. and its fairly good for MARIO KART

TheDeadMetalhead3793d ago

Madden '09 (All-Play? WOW!!)
Madden '10 (Now with a NEW TEAM!!)
Madden '11 (Available on the s#!tbox 7helpme!!)
Madden '12 (With 3 NEW PLAYS!! *gasps*)
Madden '13 (Mario a playable character on the WII 2!!)

Give me a break! >:(

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