LittleBigPlanet EU Beta selection now taking emails.

Over at Media molecule's contact page a paragraph reads:

Beta Trials:
If you are interested in being involved with any beta trials, you'll need to join Sonys Beta Trial Programme. You can get in touch with them directly by emailing:

[email protected]

This looks to be only open to European users so far.

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TheHater3799d ago

and yet the European still complain about Sony not treating them right. I want to be in that beta so bad :(

NegativeCreepWA3799d ago

I think they just like to complain. Especially when it involves anything American or Americans getting something they didn't.

I'm sure we'll get our chance to get in the beta sooner or later.

DevilsJoker3799d ago

When you say an entire continent of people "Just like to complain" i think your possibly opening yourself up to a fair few negative reactions.

Somnus3799d ago

Mild racism ftw! So now we have this are we even for the years of mistreatment :(?

NegativeCreepWA3799d ago

I realized that after I wrote it, but I don't changed my comments so I'm going to have to deal with the consequences of it.

You guys do get treated like crap when it comes online content and gaming in general. And I would be pissed to.

Tomdc3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Most of the time you Americans get all this stuff that you dont even realise hasn't come to us! Your store has a lot more content and always gets game releases a few weeks earlier than us.

Edit: You do realise that link has been there since last year... This aint news!

Sneaky Snake3798d ago

it's because this game is made in Europe, that is why we get it first.

Ben10543798d ago

just because we have a BETA were supposed to forget about
charging much more on EU PS store
not releasing some games on EU PS store
still $600 for a PS3 overhere
NO Video store
NO Qore (no demos, or BETAs that come with it)
Just Got dualshock a couple of weeks ago
i could go on but i cant be bothered, and by the way, i hear Americans complain lots more

Shadow Flare3798d ago

I'll put it this way, if LittleBigPlanet (a game developed in the UK) got its beta in the US and not Europe, i would go mental. As far as i know, Home (developed in the UK) only has its beta running in the US for those GAP members. At least we get things like play tv, but you wouldn't understand the rubbish service we get compared to america unless you live in europe. We haven't even got the E3 press conferences yet, i had to get that off the american store. (Not that i care now) but it took PAIN months to get here. Rubbish. Sort it out

Ben10543798d ago

I agree, we have 10 E3 videos on our PS Store and on the American one theres about 60 including the actual conference which we don't have.
And about play TV, its not sonys fault its only in UK, its just not possible in america.

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DevilsJoker3799d ago

It was so hard posting this, i wanted all the Beta goodness all to my self. *Sniff*

Nitrowolf23799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Edited: nvm

i want in the beta
o well

TheHater3799d ago

I don't think so. I think you have to have a European address, and an IP address.

dro3799d ago

im from europe and the reason why we complain about sony is because the give us some crap stuff on psn like 80% of the time while america and japan gets better things, i have all 3 psn accounts so i know what others gets.and the video store that was ment to be up did not come to europe and they gave us the dualshock2 so late that i got so pissed when i talked into the store just to see a £40 price tag (that is $80 in america)and i alerdy paid that for 2sixassis pad but they say u cannot trade in ur old pad and the value of pound is much higher than america $ so when ur bying things u really have to think so i wasted £100 which is $200 on 2PADS just for them to say u cannot trade it in because sony does not do trade in if u want to by dualshock2 im still love my ps3 and like the 360 and hate the wii but sony needs to treat us in europe betta...well the lbp beta test is a start i just hope trends like this goes on.

Nitrowolf23799d ago

it retarded
why cant do have everything release on all PSN region?
i can see this breaking some kind of law if they did this.
it pretty dumb, ive seen what you guys got and yes about 80% it is crap. somedays US release a sh1t load of stuff and region like eroupe get like 2 things? its alright for you guys to complain about it because i know i would if i lived there.

Ben10543798d ago

theres lots of ways they treat us (Europeans) bad

rexor07173799d ago

They can be like Europe only, but Im sending it. *emailed*

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