Final Fantasy Type-0 HD patch announced

There is a patch coming out today for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that reduces motion blur & improves camera control.

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G3n3raL861232d ago

Shouldn't they have patched it way before?

Kurisu1232d ago

This might make me go for the second play through.

MrSwankSinatra1232d ago

Who cares? Just as long as they patch it.

Haru1232d ago

today Final fantasy 15 demo gets updated too : )

Ultr1232d ago

Woa how cool is that!!!!
I stopped because of the blur. Time to start again :)

Tapani1232d ago

Hmm, I wanted this to be a Playstation Exclusive for PS4 and Vita, but I guess I will go down the PC route now. I heard Type-0 is the best FF game since FFIX. I wonder if this is true..?

Kurisu1232d ago

I'm with the Hoff here.

Tapani1232d ago

Oh, so it's not worth it then, I guess. Thanks for saving me money guys :)

Have a good one!