Grand Knights History director announces tactical RPG Grand Kingdom for PS4, PS Vita

Famitsu this week reveals Grand Kingdom, a new tactical RPG for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita from Grand Knights History director Tomohiko Deguchi due out later this year in Japan.

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DemonChicken1256d ago

Awesome, enjoyed Grand Knights History! but shame it couldn't make it to the west. Hopefully this one would considering it's on the PS4 too.

Original was only on the PSP

bouzebbal1256d ago

JRPGs are back gun blazing! it's so good to see

itBourne1256d ago

Damn, the Japanese devs are really delivering this year.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1256d ago

it never was in Japan. The west it is as far as sales goes.

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