Destiny's weekly reset for June 9

Destiny's weekly reset has arrived with a new Nightfall, Heroic and Prison of Elders rotation.

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Peace_Love_and_FPS1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Wish it were boots last week, so I couldn't used that etheric light on guns instead of my boots because there's no such thing as exotic warlock boots... Good one bungie. Oh well, looking forward to completing the PoE set.

Off topic: submitter, if you're the author, its "we're off to see the wizard" not "where off..."

Tom1011260d ago

Thanks for noting that, you're completely right. That's what I get for writing as soon as I wake up.

GameSpawn1260d ago

Void Burn is going to suck at the beginning if you are playing with any idiots that don't realize that you ignore the Shriekers and the Fallen/Hive battle. I can't tell you how many times I've done the Shadow Thief and had someone kill the Shriekers right at the start to only end up killing the team. Even when NOT in a nightfall two downed shriekers can easily kill 1-2 guardians with their aftermath - add void burn (they're void BTW) and nightfall you're talking insta-wipe before the strike even begins.


bananaboats1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

kill them and move far away, the death blast from killing them won't reach you. Trying to run past them is more dangerous than just killing them, especially with void burn.

GameSpawn1260d ago

There aren't really any great places to run far enough away from the two Shriekers' AoE explosions at the start of the strike and frankly from a time management standpoint it is easier to blast past them as their standard attack is relatively weak (even with the burn) and easy to avoid if you are at a full running pace.

I know that some people want to attack and kill everything, but there are some optional areas in all the strikes where it just isn't worth the hassle (especially if it means you'll shave 5-10 minutes off the entire strike).

bananaboats1260d ago

Even at lvl 34 those strikers will one shot you with the burn modifier on. I know because it happened to me trying to run Pass them

Ciporta19801260d ago

No winters run or omnigal? Sure this is a mistake they make us do one of those 2 every week.

GameSpawn1260d ago

Shadow Thief is new, expect it almost every week either as a Nightfall or Heroic.

Here are the counts so far: Heroic [Nightfall]
Archon Priest - 7 [7]
Devil's Lair - 6 [7]
Nexus - 6 [6]
Summoning Pits - 7 [6]
Valus Ta'aurc - 5 [5]
The Will of Crota - 8 [7]
The Shadow Thief - 1 [2]