Valve will not exhibit at E3 2015

Valve has confirmed it will not have anything new to announce during next week’s E3 convention in Los Angeles, and that “it is not taking meetings for its upcoming products”.

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Timesplitter141139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

What the article actually says:
"[Valve] is not taking meetings for its upcoming products like the HTC Vive at E3"
"Valve is also not listed as a participant in the first-ever dedicated PC gaming media briefing"

So they're not taking meetings and they haven't explicitly confirmed HL3 in advance yet. The PC conference list clearly says "The list of speakers INCLUDES: .....". So it leaves room for surprises. Clickbait title

HL3 confirmed

You think that "3" behind him is a coincidence? Think again. This article was orchestrated by Gabe himself to mislead us.

HL3 confirmed again

subtenko1139d ago

We'll see if they pull a David Jaffe.... we'll see....HL3...

Fin_The_Human1139d ago

Its been so long since the last one that I don't even remember the story.

subtenko1139d ago

Something about crowbars and oppression...

Paytaa1139d ago

That's the worst part...

1139d ago
Jason_Plays_PC1139d ago

GaBeN is a massive troll tho :s

comebackkid98911139d ago

Drop the Gaben bull****, he's an indifferent fat cat that won't give his fanbase a straight answer.

majiebeast1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Well yeah E3 is for companies that still makes games that's why you also don't see SEGA there.

SolidGear31139d ago

But but a new Sonic Boom...

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Mikefizzled1139d ago

Busy raking in that Dota 2 and CSGO microtransaction money.

-Foxtrot1139d ago

Another E3 without Half Life

It's so overdue now

Wish they'd go back to just making games.

uncharted561139d ago

Honestly I don't even want Half Life 3 at this point. They hype has reached levels where there is no way if and when they announce and show off the game that it will not disappoint people as they all expect big things from it just like they do from The Last Guardian. I would rather take Left 4 Dead 3 with innovations at this point rather then see another Duke Nukem over again sadly :(

Thefreeman0121139d ago

is there really that much hype? as a former huge HL fan i feel like the game has aged and become less relevant besides a frustrating joke. I'd be ecstatic if they announced it. I just don't think I could conjure up the excitement I would of had 5 years ago for it

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dcj05241139d ago

Didn't they make CSGO 3 years ago? And when was DOTA 2 released?They still make games.

jdaboss1139d ago

those arent AAA games.. those are niche games that happen to be popular.

ginsunuva1139d ago


AAA refers to budget not popularity.

edqe1139d ago

> Wish they'd go back to just making games.

What's wrong with doing great hardware and pushing PC gaming forward as a whole?

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ZaWarudo1139d ago

I love the look on Gaben's face. He's like: "This f***er here..."

TardcoreGamer1139d ago

Valve is bigger than E3 at this point to care.

Moldiver1139d ago

Makes me wonder though. They havent released any games themselves in years. What do their dev teams do all day?

ThrowingDigitalSheep1139d ago

Valve does what interests them. For the time being, making games is not on that list. Portal 2 was only made because some guys came up with a concept for some new mechanics and the execs thought it would be fun.

aquaticDonut1139d ago

Make hats for Team Fortress.

dcj05241139d ago

CS:GO is somewhat recent.

Anonagrog1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

There are a few devs from Valve whose work I've followed over the years, in particular: Tom Forsythe, Michael Abrash, Rich Geldreich, Bruce Dawson, Elan Ruskin. The first two now work at Oculus, one's gone solo with his own company, and the others at Google and Insomniac Games respectively.

They were all what I'd consider 'senior' guys (though being a 'junior' there is unlikely), so I look at their leaving as more than just your typical kind of industry fare. On the other hand, it may very well be a complete coincidence and not representative of anything at all, except maybe that I've forgotten to remove my foil hat. Whatever the case, those amongst other Valve activities over recent years - along with their relatively low staff numbers for what you'd expect of a company with their portfolio - gives me reason enough to suspect a particular direction they're heading in.

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