Gameplanet previews Mirror's Edge

Most of you have probably seen that by-now infamous Mirror's Edge video where Faith is running along a rooftop filled with crates and fences, whilst utilising jumps, rolls, wall-runs, and free running leaps from one building to the other. At E3 2008, we got a chance to do just that, with DICE's Creative Director, Lars Gustavson, talking us through the action.

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RememberThe3573772d ago

I'm buying this game. No question about it.

infinate3772d ago

This is one of the most innovative titles I've seen in a while, definitely buying this game.

SmokingMonkey3772d ago

FPB first person brawler love em

FPS's need to learn from this game in that in First person view you can see your whole body

EA making good NEW games lately Skate was good IMO buy enough companies and i guess it's bound to happen

BYE3772d ago

Yeah, Riddick already did that like 3 years ago on the XBOX. Still having games out there today like Resistance 2, where the body is invisible, is kind of ridicolous.