PSU: Pure Hands On

"The environments featured in Pure can rival those of MotorStorm without much debate. The atmosphere is lush and very vibrant just like you'd expect from this style of game." - Claims PSU

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sushipoop3798d ago

Sorry but no. I've seen HD footage of Pure and it doesn't even look better than the original Motorstorm lol. PSU is a joke of a website.

Jpinter3798d ago

1. Watching an HD video and having hands on with the game are different

2. He was comparing Pure to the original Motorstorm

PoSTedUP3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

pure: cool quads, good graphics, cool *tricks*. BUT more than 50% of the game is played in the air. its mostly about tricks and stunts. this game is good for what it is. motorstorm is totally different.

motorstorm: omg dont even get me started, im going to play it right now! *goes to play it* : )

im sure pure look good. but motorstorm will look better.

grantps33798d ago

haha dont make me laugh

pure is better than motorstorm? hahaha no possible way