Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Gets Gorgeous New Screenshots On Steam Store

Capcom has released brand new screenshots for Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster on Steam Page. These screenshots show some new locations in addition to the one seen in the latest batch of official screenshots.

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DarkOcelet1261d ago

With the PS4/Xone capabilities, they can make a Resident Evil with realistic character models and realistic pre rendered backgrounds.

Why wont they do that? Make it a budget title Capcom like Revelations 2(Hell, it wont need a big budget as it will be very simple) and you will see that it will sell like hot cakes.

Make it for your oldschool fans and see how much support you will get.

camel_toad1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Im holding out for the remaster of this remaster.

fitfox1261d ago

is it just me or does Rebecca's face look a bit off?

Cam9771261d ago

I love the Re0 atmosphere!

calvincrack1261d ago

The 16x9 camera jerking in re-make HD was motion sickness inducing for me so I had to stick with the 4x3. Hoping they find a way around this with future releases