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Valenka1287d ago

It's to be expected with MMOs, but this is the result of poor planning and lack of stress tests.

helterskelter1287d ago

If it worked right from Launch, I would have been shocked!
Anyone whom thinks massive games like The Witcher 3 or The Elder Scrolls will launch bug free need to have their heads examined to see if it contains a coprolite instead of a BRAIN!

jrshankill1287d ago


This apologist attitude allows developers and publishers to rush anything out the door and folks like you accept it.

TheXgamerLive1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

No jrshankill. He is right. They could've tested a couple more months and release in august and still have issues BC EVERY GAME does when first released, every game so you need to stop the whining. Devs do a hell of a job and bring us some great games. Sometimes they have to release due to budgets, financial statements lack of money whatever. They usually fix a game very very quickly and that's a great thing.
Nobody tries to push an unfinished game unless they have to and even then like Unity its still playable and quickly fixed.

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Sono4211286d ago

been playing this shit all day...lvl 9 did soooo many side quests.. no problems... other than lag spikes here and there in high pop areas... don't see what the big deal is

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joab7771287d ago

They never do. And yeah, like PC, why didn't they release Friday night for a certain number of ppl?

Septic1287d ago

Mmo's almost akways have niggling problems day one. My mate has had relatively few problems mind you.

TheSaint1287d ago

Actually it's expected that any product works the day of release, this kind of thing shouldn't be accepted as the norm.

helterskelter1287d ago

How many open world games have you developed from the ground up that worked perfectly and bug free? In fact how many thing in life has anyone done that has been 100% "Perfect"

FarEastOrient1287d ago

What MMORPG launched with no problems? The only ones I know worked well are the ones with a low player count. This is the norm for MMOs launch day.

joab7771287d ago

Dude. You need to contact Blizzard or someone immediatley. You are about to be rich if you just determined a way to test 1+ million ppl all logging on to a game at the same time, without actually doing that.

Mr Scooch1287d ago

Aren't you guys disagreeing with what TheSaint said missing the point? If a product is for sale then it should be in working order.
Everyone at the developer should have known that the volume of people trying to log in would be high on release and should've had plans put in order to combat that.
Releasing something that is not 100% perfect is very different to releasing something that users are unable to get past the first login screen. Bugs are expected in-game, sure. But that shouldn't be down to server volume!

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Skate-AK1287d ago

There shouldn't be any server issues. That is what the beta was for. A stress test.

Fil1011287d ago

Yeah but it wasn't an open beta. Invite only.

WellyUK1287d ago

The beta ran extremely smoothly especially on ps4, they just didnt have enough people to really stress the servers.

Scrivlar1287d ago

I've found it fine so far, the first half hour last night ( 12am-12:30am ) was difficult to load up initially but once I was in it worked fine and I'm enjoying it.

bmwfanatic1287d ago

2 1/2 hours and counting for me ps4 version.

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