Sony Morpheus Release Details Leaked By Online Retailer?

Sony's VR headset has been the subject of much speculation but there hasn't been a lot of actual info released, outside of a few press events where prototypes have been available to play with. An Austrian online retailer may have let a few details out of the bag early with a listing for Morpheus today.

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DarkOcelet1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I was honestly expecting it to be in the 300-400 range. 450$ is not so bad but i would gladly pay for it when its 350$ or something.

Lets hope that this doesnt turn into a gimmick later on and hopefully Sony support it well.

Rimeskeem1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

400 austrian = around 300 in US

unless that is euros in which I am completely wrong and it is 450

Which brings me to the question, why would an austrian online retailer use euros instead of it's countries currency?



DarkOcelet1285d ago

I cant answer your question because i have no idea.

Then again this could be fake for all we know.

Lets wait for E3 and see what Sony will say about Morpheus and i really hope that price is not the final price.

BitbyDeath1285d ago

It's not Australian but Austrian, the land of Schwarzenegger.

Rimeskeem1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )


Thanks, fixed

well crap, my entire above comment is meaningless and makes no sense now. I hope that it doesn't end up being that much.

XisThatKid1285d ago

I dunno man hasn't Hardcoregamer been on some sh!t lately on a misinformation spree? I can be mistaken,I don't sleep much and play games to make up for it :p.
But if true, I'll check it out for 350$ or so in the U.S. I'll have the money by then when launches I'm sure. I'd prefer 300$ ideal price depending on the quality of product(Assume it's good from a company that makes (arguably by some)premium electronics) and the software line up in the launch window.
I already bought 2 PS4s and now another Vita for the Mrs. Sony is sucking alot of money out of me.

rainslacker1285d ago

Aren't things released in EU markets typically more expensive than they are when released in the US market? Direct conversion is not always appropriate.

I'd personally think that $300 would be the max, and that would have to come with some really solid support on launch to really succeed. I can't see most people spending $300 for a new tech/accessory, which has yet to prove itself commercially, particularly since VR does have a stigma attached to it. If it can't sell to the moderate gamer then it'll fail pretty early.

uptownsoul1285d ago

Ahhh Yess…The old Placeholder Price. I remember people thinking PS4 & XB1 games were going to cost $100 USD ( )…You guys remember those discussions right?



And most of these forum posts got started because we saw…(lets say it together) A PlaceHolder Price:

RedDevils1285d ago

That because they're in the middle of Europe duh!

LexHazard791285d ago

Weird indeed. It says Australia but theN the other source says German retailer. Could it be a typo or did more than one retailer leak my mistake.

freshslicepizza1285d ago

if it's over $300 (u.s.) it will never take off on the ps4.

Eonjay1285d ago

There is no way the price is $450. Guys come on. Its not.

gatormatt801285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I agree with you there Eonjay. You would think that if any company has learned not to overprice its products it would be Sony. They learned their lesson from PS3 by coming out with a more consumer friendly price on PS4. Their TV's are also not as pricey as they were before. IMO, I just don't see Sony pricing themselves out of the market on this either. One more week till E3. Oh boy I can't wait.

ShinMaster1285d ago

This is some place holder price.

I remember when games were supposedly going to be $100 as well lol

FamilyGuy1285d ago

Regardless of currency conversion, Australia pays more than the U.S. for its electronics. I don't think it'll be $450 USD in any scenario.

subtenko1285d ago

I just want developers supporting this thing big time! Put in the camera code for a VR headset option....just add the option in the game so us users can choice it.

Then when LBP 4 (3D world) comes out prepare to be amazing! Then I can use my PS move again to draw and sculpt stuff like it was 3DSmax or Blender! :D

inveni01284d ago

If it has PC support, it's worth $450US. If not, $300 max.

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Thatguy-3101285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Think it will be around 250$-350$. There's no way that they'll price it like the ps4 or have it be more expensive.

DarkOcelet1285d ago

I really hope you are right my friend because with that price that is more expensive than the console itself, then it wont sit well with everyone.

Dfooster1285d ago

Sony said themselves it will cost less than a PS4

Caffo011285d ago

it would be 400 euros = 400 usd, just like the ps4..

lelo2play1285d ago

399€!... NO thanks.

I've already paid 400€ for my PS4, no way in hell I'll pay that much for a accessory.

Ultr1285d ago

Yeah I guess you have a patato indstead of a television

RosweeSon1284d ago

People have paid more for a steering wheel and how limited are they?! I'm not in a major rush for this but looks interesting, don't think I'll be day one if it's over £200 tho.

LexHazard791285d ago

Man, thats almost the price of a console. So you need over $700 just to get you started if you dont already have a PS4.

Look im not saying it wont be worth it, i dont know but it seems it wont be for everyone. Which sucks because I assumed they would price it to get as many gamers to adopt as possible. Hey its still not set in stone because its a leak. Maybe Sony hits the boards and sees gamers maybe want them to knock off a few more dollars and at E3 gives a new price along the $250 range.
Hopefully VR does well...good luck Sony.

MoveTheGlow1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Eh. It's the first run of VR, which is going to be expensive across the board. At this price, I don't think Morpheus will be a broad consumer product for years, and I think Sony's okay with that. After all, the PC specs for the Vive are insane just to get that thing to run. It's basically running games at 2x1080p, not really meant for these systems, it's very experimental. Early Access, if you will.

We're just approaching the early-adopter phase for this, and if it's that good, we'll try the stuff at a store or something, and wind up intrigued by the time generation-1 prices drop and generation-2 devices arise with more games and applications ready to go.

ABizzel11285d ago

$299 max price, or it's going to fail, until they can drop it.

VR is great, but it's an untapped and untouched market especially among console gamers, and with a peripheral costing as much as the console it's going to stay that way.

$299 bundle (Morpheus, Camera, Move controller, Game)
$199 (Headset)

That's the perfect price, but I expect both to be $50 more so, $250 and $350.

UnHoly_One1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Even then, how many people would buy it for $200?

Look at everything you can do with your PS4 and a PS Vita right now for $200, and those aren't exactly selling themselves.

I just don't see many people jumping on this unless they launch it with some game that is just so amazing it goes viral.

Something that gets them the kind of main stream attention that the Wii lucked into when they launched, and they were the "hot toy" for that year's christmas.

If they just drop this thing with a $250-ish dollar price tag in the middle of spring with support for a couple regular games, it could be dead faster than the Kinect was.

ABizzel11284d ago


Vita is a completely different situation. Cost wasn't the only thing limiting Vita. Vita's entry price is $200 for a core game who needs bigger memory cards it can easily be a $300 device at one point. With games costing $30 - $40 retail, lack of AAA games and established franchises, and mobilr devices offering a suitable alternative the Vita didn't have a large audience to sell to besides PSP owners, who just didn't get on board.

Morpheus is selling to a completely new audience and an untapped market backed by one of the fastest selling consoles of all time.

Morpheus has being something completely new for consoles going for it and "NEW" has the potential to sell.

I think know one should be talking about the success or failure of Morpheus without stating what expectations are. Less than a 10m for the entire generation is probably a failure. 10 - 20 is probably a big success for Sony. Anything higher is golden. No one more is expecting 50 million or moremore.

Morpheus success depends on the price, the games, the content, the technology, and wow factor, and how well Sony can demo it across the globe.

The tech as we know is there. The games are getting there and with Oculus and others joining support will only get better. The content outside of games is a big question mark, it has to have other uses. Finally Sony has to get SKUs and demo stations up in stores around the globe.

I also think VR is here to stay and will be a big part of the PS5 as well. The bigger the success Morephus is the more likely it's going to carry over to the PS5.

Lore1285d ago

It will cost $199.99 in the US

3-4-51285d ago

* Is it going to be a $300 console that can only play 12 games or something ?

Expensive investment, but it will be worth it for some and not worth it for others.

* Not huge on VR yet, but I'd hate to see it fail.

JRobes1284d ago

my thoughts too. Both Sony's VR and Microsoft's AR are going to need to come out of the gate with a couple dozen games, or I think most people are going to wait it out for a year to see if anything actually becomes of the peripherals.

someOnecalled1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Hold up. people downplayed ORift and said its going to be behind sony because the got support, and pc fans is not going to support ORift like morpheus. but.. BUT NOW. sony maybe putting their resources in use and it may cost a little above of what the dummy sony worshippers thought, but now they are not going to support it. lol i love it. i love this site. sony faithfuls is on another level. if this is true, im sure they are going to praise it like no other and if ORift is cheaper and better they are going to say its cheap with bad parts lol( the beginning of gen xbone vs ps4 rule dont apply outside of sony favor).

when ORift devs said they are aiming for 200-350 it was said it cost too much. everyone bookmark this, if e3 and the price is near this watch how it turns to a positive. im pretty sure if sony announced a drm everyone on here would be cool

Elocai1285d ago

Does anyone here ever heard of a country called "GERMANY"
As an Example -

you can see their flag at pic

€ < they call this EURO, therefore it´s shaped like an E, in Germany the currency is EURO, because it´s the center of Europe

oh see -> german language

All the comments made lough really hard, couse some people can´t recognize something well known when the word "NAZI" is not included ^^

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ValKilmer1285d ago

Honestly I'd pay whatever Sony wants to charge for the Morpheus.

It looks to be a total game changer for how we play video games.

Rimeskeem1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I would prefer a lower price point but if what everybody who has used it is telling the truth and it really is a game changer and it gets the support it needs I will pay 400$ for that.

LamerTamer1285d ago

Then you prefer lower quality. Nothing is free you get what you pay for.

PlayableGamez1285d ago

You're not even going to wait to see how it turns out before purchasing it?

UltraNova1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

"You're not even going to wait to see how it turns out before purchasing it?"

Depends on what moves Sony makes during this E3 and the PS experience.

What if most of these announcements happen?

- If they have a fixed release date for next year then they have to show launch games for the headset, a lot of them and good ones at that with live demos for journalists and attendees so we can get some reliable info. Oh and a full AAA title for holiday 2016 wouldn't hurt either.

- They should lay down a road-map for it, what are their plans for the headset in the future? Make their long-term support look real.

- Announce support for all games as a second screen along with 3D conversion of 2D games and movies.

- Announce support for all 1st party games from Q4 2016 and on-wards (stretching it know)

- Announce the price that shouldn't exceed 300 dollars with everything included (headset, move, camera). I sure hope this leak was on purpose to gauge peoples reactions. IMO, anything more than 300 dollars/euros would immediately put the headset in niche territory.

A lot should fall into place the right time and place for VR to succeed, especially on consoles. But what if what they show is convincing enough? Why not support it from the get go?

I have trust in SONY, they haven't let us down for years now(since ps3's launch year to be exact) why start now?

lelo2play1285d ago Show
someOnecalled1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

its a game changer capitalizing on another idea. yeah i got it. this site states news for gamers but it seems like its new for a certain bunch. sony invents everything and if its not sony its not worth buying into.

reread that
"Honestly I'd pay whatever Sony wants to charge for the Morpheus."

Honestly I'd pay whatever Sony wants to charge for the PS4

Honestly I'd pay whatever Sony wants to charge for me to play online

Honestly I'd pay whatever Sony wants to charge for the games i already own

Honestly I'd pay whatever Sony wants to charge for the internet i already buy from my IP

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PaleMoonDeath1285d ago

Give it a huge back log of compatable games, and I may buy it, way too expensive to just jump in and buy day one though, one of those "wait for reviews and impressions" gadgets.

Skate-AK1285d ago

It's a double edged sword. You don't want it too expenseive that it puts consumers off but you don't want it to be cheap to where the build qulatily sucks.

Rimeskeem1285d ago

If they support PM with high quality games and good service and make it easy to handle and durable. I see it being quite good.

LifeInNZ1285d ago

Agreed but Ive yet to see anything to make me spend that kind of money as yet.

Outthink_The_Room1284d ago

I think $400 is OK, "IF" the camera, two moves controllers and the nunchuck are included.

That would mean that the camera itself is roughly $250, which I think is pretty good for it's specs.

So the camera ($60) and each controller ($30) is roughly another $150.

I think $400 for the complete package is good. Bundle in a game and it's not THAT BAD of a price.

If Oculus or Vive ship the entire package for $500, then I would say Morpheus is overpriced, but it's really dependent on other factors. I think too many people are speculating on prices and freaking out based on pure conjecture.

Kalebninja1285d ago

I just want to be able to buy a finished headset already :| if Morpheus works with pc then im all for it but if its tethered to ps4 idk, I feel I could get much more by having one that works with pc.

BitbyDeath1285d ago

Think they said it will just not at launch though.

HRoach6161285d ago

That's what the oculus is for my friend

SteamPowered1285d ago

If you are looking for PC VR then you want the HTC Vive. It is backed by Steam and already has a huge catalog of games and apps. Morpheus will definitely be tailored for the PS4 and Oculus is still in limbo with peripherals/controls.