Halo: The Television Series hasn’t been cancelled

Halo franchise development director Frank O’Connor has confirmed that, besides Microsoft closing Xbox Entertainment Studios, the Halo: The Television Series hasn’t been cancelled.

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3-4-51014d ago

* How does this NOT take money away from the game or future Halo games ?

christocolus1014d ago

Why would this affect the development of Halo games. Microsoft isn't a small company. There would be a seperate budget for the tv show and games. The series was announced a long time ago. It was to be part of the original xbox video programmes.

OpieWinston1015d ago

I had to ask several Microsoft Studios employees a couple months ago to make sure it was still going. I'm happy I got another update.

christocolus1015d ago

This is the one directed by Steven Spielberg right?

Monster_Tard1014d ago

Yes it is, that's if the director hasn't been changed anyways.

OpieWinston1014d ago

Produced... Much like Terra Nova where he assembles the team.

TV Directors usually change from episode to episode.

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UltraAtomic1014d ago

YEA! Sweet!! hopefully its better than Nightfall

suicidalblues1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

Nightfall definitely fell short. Really enjoyed forward until dawn, though.

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