Wii remote blood pressure monitor patent filed

Destructoid writes: "Ever sit around playing WiiSports and get the sudden inclination to make sure your body is running phenomenally? Apparently the thought has crossed Kent Hsu's mind a time or two. Today, Spong found Mr. Hsu's US patent for a Wii remote add-on that can measure blood pressure and some other anatomical functions as easily as a Popeil Rotisserie. Here's an excerpt that explains what it does and how:

'…[measuring] pulse and body temperature of a user playing a video game on the video game console, and a rotation counter for counting the number of rotations of the main body; a control unit mounted in the recess; a band including two second measurement devices for measuring blood pressure and pulse respectively by wrapping the band around the wrist; and a cable interconnecting the main body and the band. Blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature values are shown the display while playing.'

I am certainly not against keeping the body beautiful and working, but I have to wonder if the thought of silliness crossed this guy's mind. I suppose this is better than a vibrator, though. At least monitoring blood pressure doesn't bring up all of those terrible mental images."

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ice_prophecy3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

untrained people getting blood pressure values without the knowledge base to interpret them correctly. It will cause more stress and concerns than there really should be.

I still prefer using my own stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer to test blood pressure. That and an appropriate history.

None of this digital crap.

1bi11i0n3793d ago

definitely for the hardcore gamer ;)

gamerunner3791d ago

Thought this was really interesting and started doing some research to find out more. Turns out things aren't waht they seem.

This patent was not filed by nintendo and probably will never make it to any kind of production. I found the research here from a site called Metue

I also read the patent application. The link is included in that article.

It's too bad. Nintendo should have thought of it. Might have been a fun addition to some of the games. Imagine, your character's energy gets lower if your heart rate stays high for too long? how cool would that be. Biofeedback games.