Wii U update version 5.4.0 out now

Nintendo brought out a new system update for the 3DS last week. This week, Wii U is getting in on the fun.

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Concertoine1287d ago

I'll be surprised if we ever get it. It feels like they just didnt design their infrastructure with stuff like that in mind.

antias1287d ago

I think that's likely not the reason. Rather they don't trust their audience with voice chat in mind. They think their audience would just abuse it, ironically they allow miiverse drawings in most online games lol...

R00bot1287d ago

I agree, but I do think there's still a lot to come for the Wii U OS. I feel like there's absolutely no way it currently uses the whole 1 gigabyte of RAM it has been given..

PhoenixUp1287d ago

Even Vita has party chat. It can't be that hard to implement

jholden32491287d ago

It's a feature often talked about but rarely used. In fact I haven't used party chat on my Vita in the 3 years I've owned it. It's become more of a political bullet point then an actual qualm.

Concertoine1287d ago

I own a vita and never knew this!

XisThatKid1287d ago

Damn Concertoine, Yea man you can it's one of the bubbles you cant delete and if you want but not recomended you can join the same part twice on Vita and Ps4. It does work very well with cross party though I use it very often when I'm chattin up with buddies for a long time and start making sandwiches and running around with my kid can't stay next to the PS camera. plus you can save your fav party chats and such like I like cleverly naming my chats since i use them to record podcasts and such. sends invites to the last people in it i you want. in a way it's done better on Vit than PS4. just still missing video chat but Vita has Skype so NVM

ZeekQuattro1287d ago

Its been a while. It seems like the 3DS gets them every other week. Most likely just security fixes against hackers. I haven't had my Wii U crash in quite some time. I think is pretty stable at this point. lol Apparently they worked on the browser too.

themonado1287d ago

Maybe we'll get an announcement about a big update during E3

Xof1287d ago

Another console update that does nothing?

Oh, well. At least the WiiU already has all the basic features necessary for a moderne platform. Shame we're STILL waiting on simple stuff like folders for the PS4.

midnightambler1287d ago

Is this really newsworthy? The update hasn't added anything of note.

Nevers0ft1287d ago

If you're in Europe it's added something... It's added a "gap" where the TVii icon used to be (it was never launched in Europe and they've finally decided to kill it). Not that I mind, the concept of it seemed a bit silly and badly implemented from the outset.

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