Unnanounced Platinum Game Coming to E3

Marty Sliva writes "IGN is going to be premiering the gameplay reveal of an unannounced Platinum game during our E3 2015 live show."

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Rimeskeem1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

They are the ones who made Metal Gear Rising and Bayonetta 2. They also said they would most likely come to the PS4 eventually which could mean they have an exclusive for it. That would make all the systems have an exclusive from platinum games.

Eonjay1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Do you feel that the announcement is kinda early with there work on Scalebound still in progress? Maybe this means that Scalebound is releasing sooner than we realize.

Rimeskeem1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

it's an unannounced game though. Scalebound has already been announced.

Forbidden_Darkness1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

@Rimeskeem: You must have misunderstood him. He was asking if you felt like this announcement was kinda early considering they are already working on Scalebound and just finished up work on Bayonetta 2 and Legend of Korra last fall.

Rimeskeem1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


ah, woopsies, I don't know to be honest, Platinum have a record of releasing games very quickly and having a lot of games in development which most of them are very good quality. I'm still expecting 2016 release date but who know!

Crimzon1166d ago

I would love to see a PS4 exclusive from Platinum Games. I really hope it's true and not just wishful thinking, they're the exact type of developer that Sony should be funding. I hope they announce a great technical action game along the lines of Bayonetta, Vanquish or Metal Gear Rising.

Forbidden_Darkness1166d ago

@Rimeskeem: That is true. The last two years they have released four games. I'd take my bets on a multiplatform release, but a PS4 exclusive would be great.

Griever1166d ago

This E3 is shaping up to be one of the best in years. So many games already announced and so many announcements and reveals still coming. The third party developers are especially on a roll. Really excited to see what Platinum Games is making. I wish them good luck and success. It is sad that their games rarely sell as much as they deserve to.

Concertoine1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

They must be a pretty big studio to be working on both Scalebound and this mystery project, they pump out games fast. Anarchy reigns, Wonderful 101, MGR all in 2013, with DLC to boot.

bouzebbal1166d ago

please be Vanquish...
please be Vanquish...
please be Vanquish...
please be Vanquish...
please be Vanquish...
please be Vanquish...

Moldiver1166d ago

"I would love to see a PS4 exclusive from Platinum Games. I really hope it's true and not just wishful thinking"

It IS wishful thinking. Just because they said it would be coming out on PS4, doesnt mean its an exclusive to PS4. Far too much conjecture going on here.

It will be muliplatform, unless sony is throwing a big cheque their way. And I see MS throwing them another cheque before that happens...

Brotard1166d ago

Probably not, with the funding from nintendo, microsoft, and now sony (possibly,speculation) they have a cash flow that allows them to seriously staff up.

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gangsta_red1166d ago

Are you saying that Bayonetta 2 may come to another platform?

Rimeskeem1166d ago

I'm saying that platinum games has done many different exclusive titles for many systems except the PS4 so it's only logical to assume they could be making a PS4 exclusive.

_-EDMIX-_1166d ago

Sega would be likely find another team to port it, even if it would be Platinum, it clearly wouldn't be all of the team as it doesn't take that much folks to port a game, hell they could use the same team that ported the PS3 version as I heard it was Sega internally that did it.

(...I mean I hope not, but its more likely then Platinum doing it directly)

gleepot1165d ago

Bayonetta 2 will NEVER be coming to a non-nintendo console. Nintendo funded the game, they own it.

Magicite1166d ago

I would love something like Rising 2.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1166d ago

yeah it was legend of korra on ps4

jannytime1166d ago

Don't forget Vanquish, everyone seems to forget what a great game that was. A sequel would be dope.

Tony-Red-Grave1166d ago

I just had the strangest idea, more like conspiracy theory though xD. If the unannounced game ends up being MGR2, what if Konami was actually thinking of replacing Kojima with Kamiya? -insert dramatic music-

That's a pretty insane suggestion, but if ends up happening i called it!

Concertoine1166d ago

Kamiya and kojima are literally opposites. That would be hilarious to see them switch.

Big_Game_Hunters1166d ago

How does that mean its exclusive to playstation? if anything its Rising 2. I don't think Any of the big three would say they have a platinum game before the official reveal, it seems closer to something Konami would do.

Big_Game_Hunters1166d ago

The game will be Angel Blood for wiiu, screen cap this comment.

GordonKnight1166d ago

Are you saying that Platinum games should only make console exclusive games? That wouldn't hurt me one bit. Would they be the first company to have an exclusive for all three consoles?

The power of three consoles!!!

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Rookie_Monster1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Can't wait! Hoping it is a second exclusive for XB1 as MS seems to really have a great relationship with them.

Edit: looking at the reveal date and time of this game:
revealed at 3pm PT (6pm EST/10pm GMT) on Tuesday, June 16th

It actually doesn't fall under any of the major conference as MS is at 1230pm EST and Sony is at 9PM EST on the 15th and Nintendo is the following morning. No major exclusive will be announced separately from and after any of the major conferences, it just don't work that way. more than likely is a multiplatform game and maybe even on PC as well.

Rimeskeem1166d ago

With platinums game history I highly doubt that

Moldiver1166d ago


"With platinums game history I highly doubt that"

They also have a history of NOT making playstation exclusives...didnt stop you from making the asumption that their next game is exclusive though, contrary to their own history. History has show that they can be paid to make an exclusive. History has shown that not only do MS do this sort of deal better than anybody ( that have more money/resources than sony and nintendo combined, even if you multiplied that a bunch of times). History shows that have history with MS.

If its going to be exclusive anywhere it will go the highest bidder. And that will always be MS.

Forbidden_Darkness1166d ago

The thing is though.. It doesn't state they will be announcing the game during the IGN live show, but showing gameplay of an unannounced Platinum game. They could announce the game at any publishers conference with a CGI trailer and then later show gameplay of said title at IGNs live show.

rainslacker1165d ago

Semantics are fun.:)

Well said for being perceptive.

Shame on everyone else for hoping it's exclusive to their preferred system. Next it'll be that it doesn't matter if it's exclusive, because who care's about PG?

Can't wait to see what it is. PG is a great dev, and I enjoy every game I've ever played of theirs.

GameDev11166d ago

"Hoping it is a second exclusive for XB1 as MS seems to really have a great relationship with them"

huh? One exclusive that isnt even out yet and suddenly there is a great relationship. Even Hideki Kamiya has a better relationship with Nintendo, Wonderful 101, Bayo 2, Viewtiful joe on Gamecube first before PS2. Platinum game are mercenaries and mostly multiplatform, they will go to anyone who can fund them

And you reading skill fails you, the article clearly state s the game will be revealed at E3 BUT IGN specifically will show you extended gameplay at that time and date

Sm00thop1166d ago

You're only jumping on this comment because he said his hoping it could be another Xbox exclusive, if he said he was hoping it was a Sony exclusive you'd have probably given him a bubble. I don't know who you think you are to say what sort of relationship they have with MS, I'm pretty sure making Scale bound exclusive classes it as a pretty great relationship.

guyman1166d ago

"Can't wait! Hoping it is a second exclusive for XB1"

Well that's fanboys for you in a nutshell

No Way1166d ago

Or, idk, and this is a crazy idea so bear with me, okay..
Perhaps he only owns a XOne and enjoys Platinum's games? Oh my!
What a shocker that would be, I know.. ridiculous right?

gerbwmu1166d ago

It will be an exclusive reveal to IGN which is how Devils 3rd was announced as a Wii U exclusive last year. Not that it means anything....just something to add to rampant speculation

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ZaWarudo1166d ago

Bayonetta 3?

Metal Gear Rising 2?

Possibly Devil May Cry 5? (oh dear lord that would be awesome)

New IP? please give it to meeeeee!

NovusTerminus1166d ago

Leave DMC to Itsuno, his work on 3 was amazing, I'd like to see him continue with it.

I would prefer Platinum try a new Gothic Horror Action game.

ZaWarudo1166d ago

True true. Devil May Cry 3 is my favorite DMC game, but i kinda want Itsuno to work on Dragon's Dogma 2 right now.

comebackkid98911166d ago

Imagine Itsuno Combat, Kamiya Atmosphere? !

WildArmed1166d ago

I hope it's Vanquish 2 :o The ending to that beauty was soo sequel bait.

Summons751166d ago

Anyone of those are very, VERY much welcome.

MrSwankSinatra1166d ago

I'd rather Itsuno make a DMC5 over Platinum.

Tony-Red-Grave1166d ago

Another issue with the possibility of DMC5 is how much bad blood there is between capcom and the P* game staff. It's really really overlooked for some reason xD. I highly recommend looking at PS2 era news to see how ad the relationship is starting with godhand.

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Sonyslave31166d ago

It probably metal gear solid Rising 2 I remember it being tease.

GusBricker1166d ago

Is this tweet pointing towards Devil May Cry 5?

Sonyslave31166d ago

Base off that tweet yup it DMC 5