UGO E3: Red Faction: Guerrilla Impressions

UGO writes: "We can't be all too surprised to discover that THQ's Red Faction is attempting to revitalize itself after a six-year absence. The FPS initially made waves with its GeoMod technology by allowing players to destroy terrain in the early years of the Playstation 2. We can all admit that the aforementioned "hook" used to lure in gamers had many of us tooling around in multiplayer matches for quite awhile. But these days we have a number of games that feature destructible environments (the recently released Battlefield: Bad Company immediately comes to mind) so we have to wonder what the series' veterans at Volition have up their sleeves for us this time.

Will it be more of the same? A fresh take on the colonization of mars? Take Red Faction: Guerrilla's numberless title for a clue and hit the jump for my full preview of the upcoming shooter."

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