New Logitech G29 PS4/PS3 Racing Wheel's Official Pictures Revealed by Amazon

If you're on the market for a new high level racing wheel for your PS4 (which might prove necessary for serious racers, especially after the reveal of Assetto Corsa), there have been several leaks about an upcoming G29 wheel for PS4 and PS3, and Amazon Germany finally published what seem to be the wheel's official pictures.

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SoapShoes1284d ago

Yeah this has to coincide with GT7. I bet it will be announced along with this wheel at E3.

MightyNoX1282d ago

Gran Turismo is coming. Is the world even ready?

yewles11284d ago

Not even, especially when new content is still being worked on for 6.

SoapShoes1284d ago

They've been working on GT7 for two years now and the engine they used for GT6(all new, completely scrapping what they used for GT5) was built with flexibility to expand to PS4 without needing a whole new engine. They have over 400 premium cars modeled in GT6 so add like 150 more to that and the events is probably close to done.

It is true they are working on content for GT6 but they have a small dedicated staff on that while the rest work on GT7 and you can be sure all of the content being put in GT6 will be in GT7.

badboyz091284d ago

yewles1 keep hope alive.

yewles11284d ago

GT6 is not finished yet and will not be abandoned just because a new console's been out for a couple of years. Besides, when GT7 IS announced, it will still considered disappointing due to it not being what vocals want it to be. They never appreciate, let alone understand that PD march to the beat of their own drum and not the populists. Thus, hyping up 7 is fruitless when others still consider 5 and 6 whatever negative they come up with.

Knushwood Butt1284d ago

Not sure I understand your point.

Regardless of whether GT6 is still being expanded or not, GT7 is in development and may well be PS4 only.

GT6 won't be abandoned, but that's got nothing to do with GT7.

As for, 'the vocals', I agree with you there, but they just don't get it and typically can't drive for ****, so who cares? :)

yewles11284d ago

My point is to not expect a GT7 announcement for a LONG time, this wheel is not being made with any particular game in mind, it's for PS4 support, PERIOD.

yewles11284d ago

HOLY CRAP that comment section. Proving my point again.

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B_Rian891284d ago

I thought Logitech said they were going to stop making wheels for consoles

badz1491284d ago

I guess they are seeing that there are indeed a big demand for racing wheels this gen. there are already a couple of racing games to select from. even Asetto Corsa is coming and not to forget GT7 which Logitech wheels are so closely associated with.

glad to see Logitech is not leaving permanently. their wheels are exceptional but this might also mean, there might not be driver updates for G25 and G27 to make them work on the PS4. they must wanna sell their new wheels. hope I'm wrong, though.

paul-p19881284d ago

That's what i thought, from what i understand that's the reason my GT5 branded Logitech steering wheel doesn't work with my PS4 :(

keki1284d ago

That price...A slap in the face

level 3601284d ago

AU$587+.. I'm thinking a gearshift would be an add-on expense?

WizzroSupreme1284d ago

Welll, guess I'm not picking that up at that price. Ever.

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