Naughty Dog Character Artist Pays Homage to Bloodborne by Sculpting Beautiful Hunter Statue

When you really love a game, you post screenshots, videos, maybe you even draw its characters. Naughty Dog’s recently hired Character Artist Glauco Longhi went the extra mile with Bloodborne.

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nucky641049d ago

wow, this guy is very good at what he does..

Rimeskeem1049d ago

I mean, Naughty Dog would never higher an average sculptor. I mean if they higher average people I would jump into that boat but they don't.

nucky641049d ago

i get that; but, i still think it's ok to give a complement to someone.

never4get1049d ago Show
Eidolon1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )


I appreciate that a 3D artist for Nauhty Dog would do this on their SPARE TIME, hone their skills and all, it does translate.

UKmilitia1048d ago

would love to have seen a video done of him making it(tme laspe)

affrogamer1049d ago ShowReplies(1)
Eidolon1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

I want this. It is pretty impressive, especially at that scale.

WizzroSupreme1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

I bet this guy's gonna get some studio phone calls before long...

Chaos_Raiden1049d ago

The statue looks awesome. Wouldn't mind getting a complete one for collection.

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The story is too old to be commented.