Opinion: When It's Okay to Pre-Order Games

Critics often warn against pre-ordering games, since doing so benefits publishers more than gamers, and those little DLC bonuses are rarely worth the effort. Despite an uneasy feeling sense of putting down a bet, the way some pre-orders might be like, there is a plus side to buying early.

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iSuperSaiyanGod1232d ago

When ever you want , that's when it's ok

_-EDMIX-_1232d ago

....when you feel like getting a game day 1. Gaming is a option, not a right.

I'm not sure what would make a game ok to pre-order and another one not ok.

Buy what you want, play what you want. I don't really care for gamers social policing each other like this.

If I pre-order a game, am I going to go to gamer jail? Did I do some sort of taboo?

Play what you like, buy what you like. If your getting a game day 1, why not get a freebie by pre-ordering?

Aenea1232d ago

Pre-ordering is okay as long as you don't buy any of those DLCs with cut content from those greedy for-profit organisations!

Aenea1232d ago

Ohh, 2 disagrees, people didn't notice I was joking :)

itsjustexuma1232d ago

It's ok to pre order when the game is created by a talented and good studio like Rocksteady, Rockstar, Naughty Dog and Valve

ScorpiusX1232d ago

Whenever I please and however often I want .

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The story is too old to be commented.