E3 2015: The Most Anticipated Games for PC

As part of our coverage for E3 2015, Shacknews is taking a look at some of the most anticipated games for this year's show. Today, Managing Editor Steven Wong is looking at the most awaited games for the PC.

When it comes to massive sized role-playing and action games, the PC is the place to be. With games that range from making old-school new again to ushering in the virtual reality era with epic space battles, this E3 PC game line-up offers a great sense of diversity.

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DDDGirlGamer851261d ago

I just started PC gaming it really is a different experience.

Timesplitter141261d ago

Both console and PC gaming have their own merits but the only console that has real console games anymore is the Wii U. PS4 and X1 really just have PC-ish games but more sluggish

comebackkid98911260d ago

This "consoles becoming PC's" argument is anathema, the acquisition of traditionally exclusive pc games (with the exception of ks games like star citizen)has raised kain and led to an animosity toward console owners.

solar1261d ago

it's a great experience. welcome to the darkside... :P

Pastorfuzz1260d ago

Last time I played a PC game was the Baldurs Gate games, Titan Quest, and Icewind Dale. Always played on the consoles after that until Witcher 3 came out. I just started Witcher 1 on the PC. Going to play 2 and 3 later. Taking a while to get used to this keyboard again!

s45gr321260d ago

Personally I am waiting for:

The forest to get out of early access
Satellite Reign
Suis de Generis
Take on Mars

Almost forgot rainworld and evoland 2

_-EDMIX-_1260d ago

Short list. I don't have much I care about coming to PC besides HOLY BABY POO STAR CITIZEN!

Excited for Overwatch of course, but its a wait and see for me as I play many MP games for a while and I'm not sure I'll stick with it.

Fortnite I'm excited about a lot as I love that games concept, even if its just tower defense, I think its amazing lol.

Total War Warhammer! I MEAN COME ON! I really, really want to hear more about this game, especially since it won't be done by Relic as its not the 40k Dawn Of War series (really, really want a Dawn Of War 3). But want to see this game regardless.