All time best SNES RPGS

A look back in the past at the best RPGs to be released on the SNES.

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INehalemEXI3770d ago

Shadowrun and 7th Saga was pretty good too.

Zerodin3770d ago

Now there was a Jrpg worth PLAYING!
Good fun, good difficulty, good times.
Had a spiffy battle transition to boot!

Leathersoup3770d ago

Must agree. That list is incomplete without Shadowrun.

sumfood4u3770d ago

Wierd but the List is sorta right!

NegativeCreepWA3770d ago

Final Fantasy III/VI and Earth Bound would be my picks.

IMO FF3III/VI is the best in the series. All the people that played it before they played FFVII know what I'm talking about. The rest think the series started with VII. I would also rather have a full remake of III/VI than VII.

Nitrowolf23770d ago

doesnt FF remake release today?

ruiner44823770d ago

You are thinking off FFIV for the DS.

NegativeCreepWA3770d ago

FFVI remake came out a year or two ago for the GBA. I was going to buy another GBA for it until I read the difficulty was lowered and it was easy compared to the original.

Nick55383770d ago

No doubt FF6 was the best in the series. IMO, the best RPG ever made. FF6 > FF7. Still wouldn't mind seeing an FF7 remake, though.

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Defiantmac3770d ago

Whenever you see Super Mario RPG on a list of great games you know the person is a gamer and knows his stuff... Those top 3 games could go in any order they're all amazing.

TruthbeTold3770d ago

We may quibble about the order, but no doubt, those were the top RPG's on that system. Some of them are amongst the best all time.

RAM MAGNUMS3770d ago

the kids that played ussually got punched in the face by me until
they told me about wolfenstein/quake on pc. Before that it was teenage mutant ninja turtles all day.
Sorry about that, I grew up hardcore.

Leathersoup3770d ago

Yeah only nerds played rpgs... That's why Vin Diesel did the foreword for the 25th anniversary Dungeons & Dragons book. He played it as a kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.