Videogame Pioneer Martin Alper Dies

Alper, 72, was instrumental in bringing many people into the videogame industry.

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Digital_Anomaly1168d ago

Always unfortunate to hear of someone's passing. Condolences to all his friends and family, may he be fondly remembered for not only his accomplishments in the gaming world but in all aspects of his life.

Revolt131168d ago

What kind of coward disagrees?

Eidolon1168d ago

Because he's posting this on N4G?

Jackhass1168d ago

Too bad I never really knew about this man's accomplishments until he died.

generalwinter1168d ago

That's the case with pioneers in a lot of fields, unfortunately

WizzroSupreme1168d ago

RIP, good sir. Best wishes to his family and friends.

Jide1168d ago

May his soul rest in peace

ScorpiusX1168d ago

RIP and thank you for creating a concept that till these day I still enjoy .

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