E3 2015: The Games We Don’t Want To See At E3 2016

OXCGN: I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little tired of E3 conferences. Maybe its the dubstep-fuelled, seizure-inducing light shows or sport-coat wearing executives, but the last few conferences I’ve watched have bled into one another – probably spurred on by the fact that every E3 is guaranteed to have a trailer for the newest Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed or whatever sequel-bait was released the year prior.Although these games are technically ‘new’, I’ve noticed a frustrating trend developing over the last few years which involves companies (in this case, mainly Sony) showing games that are so far from completion that they inadvertently end up appearing at multiple E3’s.

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WickedLester1283d ago

Indies! I'm fucking sick of them! Have them on the show floor for sure but keep them off the big stage, they don't belong there (with maybe the exception of No Man's Sky).

Timesplitter141283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

I think you completely misinterpreted the title of this article

DarXyde1283d ago

You read the article, right?

XanderZane1283d ago

I'm ok with the Indie games, but please stop showing 20-25 Indie games where only 3-4 games will actually be released this year. Just show me the ones that have confirmed release dates in 2015. The other ones can be shown at Gamescom or TGS. I'd rather see more exclusives and more new IP games. I'm just tired of seeing more Indie games then big name retail games on the stage.

Kryptonite42O1283d ago

I'm stoked to see No Man's Sky... in fact, I'll be disappointed if it doesn't make an appearance. I need a release date already!
Also, a release date for Below would be nice.

koston36471283d ago

how would anyone know if they belong there unless they're placed center stage?
I absolutely get what your trying to say but the way you put it is just too black and white.

Resogun was an indie game and that thing took off like a rocketship (pun intended)

xICHIGOx1283d ago

Mainly Sony....ehm phantom dust, gears, halo 5, QB and every title presented by MS last year isn't even out or near gold status.
Clickbait article imho

Timesplitter141283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

It's not clickbait if you actually need to read the article in order to find whatever you describe as "click bait"

Besides, this article is basically "Games we can't wait to see at E3", so it's not like that's biased AGAINST Sony

Outthink_The_Room1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

The Witness - Shown 28 months ago at the PS4 Reveal - No Release Date

Deep Down - Shown 28 months ago at the PS4 Reveal - No Release Date (BETA is slated for 2016)

Rime - Shown 22 months ago at Gamescom 2013 - No Release Date

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture - Shown in 2012 then re-introduced at Gamescom 2013 - No Release Date

Shadown Of The Beast - Shown 22 months ago at Gamescom 2013 - No Release Date

No Man's Sky - Shown 19 months ago at VGX 2013 - No Release Date

Uncharted 4 - Shown 20 months ago at PS4 Launch Party - No Release Date

Until Dawn - Shown in 2012 then re-introduced in 2014 - August This Year

Last Guardian - SHOWN 6 YEARS AGO - Probably Dead

.....And you're talking about Gears, which literally hasn't even been shown publicly? Phantom Dust which was a year ago? Seriously?

Quantum Break, yes. That 100% falls into the ridiculous category. So does Below. Below was shown 2 years ago and STILL doesn't have a release date. Absolutely terrible as well.

But don't even tell me that MS has been anywhere near as bad as Sony this generation about unveiling early.

BitbyDeath1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

The Witness, Everybody's gone to rapture, Shadow of the beast, no man's sky and until dawn are all confirmed to release this year.

Uncharted 4 is arriving in Q1 of 2016. The remaining 3 don't have dates yet though.

wegetsignalx1282d ago

Almost all of those games are 3rd party and Sony has no control over whether they are delayed.

You are wrong, several of those games do have release dates or windows.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Zelda Wii U
Pokken Fighter

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