What Role Will the PS Vita Play at E3 2015?

Push Square: "There was a time when pre-E3 conversations about the PlayStation Vita carried a whiff of hope. In the 18 months or so immediately following the format's release, we penned several articles explaining what the platform holder could do to reverse the ailing appliance's fortunes. It did, ultimately, introduce a handful of big first-party games: Tearaway, Killzone: Mercenary, and Soul Sacrifice among just a few of the most notable names. But now in its fourth year on the market, any hope of the handheld setting the sales charts alight outside of Japan seems lost, so what role will it play at E3 2015?"

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XisThatKid1287d ago

I dunno but a small one maybe a price drop and a bit of software we kinda already knew was coming for it or don't care to much but ok. Then back to Morphius

XisThatKid1287d ago

Keeep in mind I sinceraly hope not. I love my Viat and use it everday. But Sony seems it's letting me down softly with the support these days. I hope to see a few gems for my baby

The 10th Rider1287d ago

I expect, if anything, we'll hear about more game made specifically for Vita at Square Enix's conference rather than at Sony's.

Xof1287d ago

Pretty much.

If I didn't already own a Vita, I would have bought one immediately after last week's news.

rainslacker1287d ago

Sounds good to me.:) Would win the show. Falcom is in my top 5 developers.:)

mikel10151287d ago

A five minute mention about how they care about the Vita by pointing out random indie games they pulled out of their hat and decided to help bring to Vita

iTechHeads1287d ago

You know Vita fans should be glad the platform is support at all considering how poor it's selling.

rainslacker1287d ago

There are some good games coming from Japan for the Vita. They could show those instead of indies. However, given the past few E3's I don't hope for much. Even with the PSTV being anticipated they barely covered it at all at E3 last year.

crazychris41241287d ago

Would be nice to get some games for the western audience. Motorstorm, pursuit force, syphon filter, well made call of duty, grab turismo and much more to try and get the West to buy the vita.

Vegamyster1287d ago

Those would be pretty nice, it'd also be cool if it could get a dungeon crawler like Diablo 3 or something.

Kal-V31287d ago

I'm expecting minimum, a 3-5 min. trailer reel of upcoming games and at best Gio Corsi comes out again and continues to announce more titles, i expect at least 5-10 mins in this scenario.

I am not expecting "Hey guys! were putting the PS4 on the back burner to focus everything on Vita."

I am expecting it gets the attention it deserves and they announce more titles that we don't already know about. Looking forward to the continuing and prosperous life-cycle of the Vita.

SmokingMonkey1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

The New Vita should match the Dualshock 4 to promote Remote Play.

A new Vita model should come out mimicking The DS4's R3-L3 buttons. Along with L2 and R2 buttons and a light bar at the top.

It should be more ergonomic to the hand and less "flat"

It should be cheap.

It should take SD card and or PSP memory cards and The Vita Minicards as well. (it wont because of Pirates AAARRRGGHhhh...matey)

It should come out in MULTIPLE COLORS.

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The story is too old to be commented.