No More Head Games: Why The Future Of Virtual Reality Is Not The Oculus

Did we learn anything from Google Glass? It looked really cool when it debuted, but quickly we realized that constantly wearing a camera on your head can be a bad idea. Even from the start, many of us knew that only the most devoted cyber-connected consumers would actually use the device.

Yet the tech industry continues to buzz about new sets of head-mounted virtual reality (VR). Games might sustain investments in these new peripherals, just like we saw for Wii and Kinect, but we haven’t seen any other examples where wearing a headset is clearly worth the bother. Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus is ostensibly to become a social platform in VR despite that such goggles may be perceived as somewhat anti-social in the real world. Google’s investment in Magic Leap generated a fantastic video of an alien invasion of a modern office which saved the user from tedious interactions with a floating email app. Most recently, Microsoft showed a demo of Hololens, being billed as a next-generation computing platform – looking a lot like a twenty-first century version of 1995’s Microsoft Bob.

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