Witcher 3 Lighting Mod Makes Your Game Look a Bit Like The 2014 Demo

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt got some slack for always changing its graphics before and up to release, and some people don't like the current look compared to old versions of the game seen in trailer. That's where this lighting mod comes in where it would take the current lighting setting of the game, and replaces it with the lighting setting used in cut-scenes. This makes the game look and feel somewhat similar to the 2014 gameplay demo.

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Lamboomington1257d ago

This one is released by someone else. It doesn't seem to have the full cutscene lighting.

FreakOrama1257d ago

I think I know which one you're talking about, I believe that modder is still messing around with his/her and yet not released.

DoubleD271257d ago

that's just not right. it works as intended. no problems at all and it's actually amazing.

Lamboomington1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

No as in it is released by someone other than the one who was tinkering around with it on the forums.

From a couple of comparisons, it doesn't seem to have the full cutscene lighting as in there are differences between cutscene and this mod. People are saying that the graphics still change after cutscenes. Not sure if that is only in interiors or in general. If it is in general then this doesn't have the full effect. (Interiors have difference files to play around with).
There are comparisons on the 'Witcher 3 graphics' thread on the forums that show the differece.

However, I'm not sure if the original forum guy's mod would have the full effect either in that case.


Either way, I'm not disrespecting the modder or anything. This is the same guy who released the extreme weather mod, so he's doing a great job !

EDIT : Others making comparisons showing that the mod works perfectly, with no change from cutscenes. If this is true then that's awesome.

Maybe some people just didn't set it up properly. Also, seems like vignette just doesn't work with it.

Apologies for making too much of an assumption in my earlier comment


mysteryraz111257d ago

game still looks the same what a lame mod

xTheMercenary_1257d ago

I like the default better. But it's always nice to have the options to cater to everyone's likings.