Your First Five Hours in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited


Greetings, Vestige. You are about to embark on a continent-spanning journey, one rife with magic and peril, treasures and terrors. You are about to enter a world where you can spend weeks – months – years of adventure, by yourself or with friends, growing ever more powerful as you range further and further afield from your humble beginnings.

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bmwfanatic1047d ago

Your first five hours are at the loading screen trying to log in. J/k took 4 hours last night got right in this morning game is pretty fun so far.

Mega241047d ago

The first five hours are boring as ****. Although my experience was one year ago, I hated how all quests weren't playable in parties, so was often playing by myself even though I was in party with 3 other friends.

I was exited, because this was what I wanted, me and my friends always dreamed of playing elder scrolls together. Ended up being our biggest disappointment.

camel_toad1047d ago

Ive seen that problem with a number of mmos - single player only missions in a massively multiplayer game - makes no sense. Always bums out myself and my gaming buddy when we run into missions like that.

UKmilitia1047d ago

so u cant team up with friends and do the game?
i was hoping it was like everquest 2

davemyrose921047d ago

I'm only 2 hours in and I'm actually having a blast lol,

mrmonk1047d ago

How long about does it take to install on ps4 anyone cheers? I'm in work at the moment have the imperial edition at home waiting for me cant wait to play it.

JamesBondage1047d ago

i played it on pc, first 5 hours were great, until i explored every inch of the area, found nothing cool. then it got really boring and i realized it IS just another MMO.. oh well