Why Xbox One Lacks Online Co-Op Games

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "You may have noticed that the Xbox One has a lack of online co-op support for games that are released by smaller based publishers. There is a reason for that which is explained in 1:12:50 of this weeks Podcast. This was confirmed by Vector Unit, makers of Beach Buggy Racing and Riptide GP2."

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gangsta_red1262d ago

Interesting...I was wondering the same thing about Beach Buggy Racing. Good to know that was addressed. And thank you for the time stamp.

GamerscoreWhores1262d ago

No problem. I worked out that to play the six player co-op on beach buggy racing you'd need to have over £200's worth of game controllers lol which is nuts

christian hour1262d ago

I'm more concerned about the lack of couch co-op and what seems to be a phasing out of LAN options across both the xb1 and ps4.

otherZinc1261d ago

Huh, what? No Online for Beach Buggy?
Try Forza Horizon 2 & Forza Motorsport 5, instead of Beach Buggy!

gangsta_red1261d ago

Not really the point. I was looking for a Mario Kart or Sonic Racing type of game that I could play online with friends.

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birdykilla1262d ago

Xbox one has a better CPU, PS4 has a better GPU and RAM. Ok with that said the games are still being made the same way and look just a tad bit better on PS4. Xbox one also got 10 percent more performance out of their GPU without Kinect. 720p at 30fps is last gen stop with the hate both systems are equally fun which is all that matters. I'm atm having more fun on my xbox one... just sayi'n

WizzroSupreme1262d ago

Interesting read. Don't really care much for online co-op myself, but a shame it's not exploited to its full potential.

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